Cartel Tycoon – How to Deliver Money to All buildings

A guide on how to deliver money to all (also individual) buildings in Cartel Tycoon.

How to Deliver Money to All buildings

The Residence is a building that specializes in delivering dirty money that keeps your buildings running. You were given one at the beginning of the story mode. It is not very expensive and can easily cover a full production chain, and it has a limited number of trucks for delivery.
This is not a problem because you can choose to run most buildings with legal money, so that they do not require regular money delivery.

You can also connect a lot of buildings to out-of-their-service-radius buildings by going to its Logistics tag and find ‘additional destinations’.

To maintain a positive cash balance, you need to connect your residence to a building that provides income (e.g. Aerodrome, Seaport), unless you want to keep a lieutenant busy on deliveries.

The alternative is to build a hotel in the city. You are given one at the beginning of sandbox mode. It is quite expensive but it covers a huge area around the city, which means all the money laundering facilities of the city are automatically covered, plus it can go to 4 out-of-radius destinations. Like the residence, you need to have dirty money coming into the building so that it actually have something to deliver to your production buildings that runs on dirty money.

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