Carrion – All Achievements (Story, Collectables, Missable)

A guide on all achievements (story, collectables, missable) in Carrion.

All Achievements

Story/ Unmissable

Flesh of Prey

Eat your first person.

It’s Alive

Complete the BSL-4 Research Ward level.

Machines Can Expire Too

Complete the Military Junkyard level.

The Derelict

Relive the First Flashback Sequence in the Frontier.


Complete the Uranium Mines level.


Complete the Hazardous Waste Landfill level.

The Perfect Organism

Relive the Second Flashback Sequence.

There’s Something in Those Trees

Complete the Botanical Gardens level.

We Need to Go Deeper

Complete the Leviathan Reef Base level.

Stakeholder Meating

Complete the Relith Science HQ level.

Water under the Bridge

Complete the Leviathan Reef Base level.

Get to the Choppa

Relive the Final Flashback Sequence in the Frontier.


Complete the Nuclear Power Plant level.

War… War Never Changes

Complete the Armored Warfare Facility level.

4 8 15 16 23 42

Complete the Bunker level.

The New Reality

Complete Carrion.

Collectables/ Missable

A Cerebral Feast

Harvest your first ripe juicy head.

One Monster, One Jar

Gain access to 1 Containment Unit.

Containment Unit 1: Hazardous Waste Landfill

The Hazardous Waste Landfill containment unit is the first one you will encounter that is accessible. This Containment Unit can be found after you’ve grabbed the second hive and are heading to the exit. To find the Containment Unit look for two guards in a hallway with a white diamond on the wall above them. Clear the guards and go in the door there to reach Containment Unit 1 and the Echo Location ability.

Jarring Experience

Gain access to 3 Containment Units.

Containment Unit 2: Frontier

You will find Container Unit 2 in the Frontier after the first memory. This location can be visited either before or after you finish the Bunker mission. All you need to access this Containment Unit is the Xiphorrhea ability so you can smash the wood blocking the entrance by the fan. Once inside the room interact with the DNA container to receive the Polycheiria passive which grows a second prehensile tentacle.

Containment Unit 3: Uranium Mines

One you have the Xiphorrhea, Photokinesis, and Hydrophilia abilities you can access the Containment Unit found in the Uranium Mines after the first hive. To access this Containment Unit you need to use Xiphorrhea to break the wooden barier then Hydrophilia to swim down into the room. Once inside pull the switch then use Photokinesis to avoid the lasers. When you are close to running out of energy stay still and shoot your cobweb into the power generator to recharge. Do this until you reach the DNA container with the Electrosis ability inside.

Jean-Michel Jar

Gain access to 6 Containment Units.

Containment Unit 4: Botanical Gardens

To the left of the first hive you will see a shield guard patrolling a room. Inside this room is a door leading to the containment unit. To get to the door you need the Parasitism ability so you can take control of the guard (reachable through the water at the bottom left) to open the door for you. Once you’ve done this switch back to the monster and go into the Containment Unit. To complete the puzzle in this Containment Unit you need to use the guard from the previous room to reach the switch in the left corner.

Containment Unit 5: Leviathan Reef Base

Before you can access this Containment Unit you need to have the Hydrophilia, Harpagorrhea, and abilities. Once you have both of these you can access the Containment Unit 5 found in the water section of the Leviathan Reef Base (not to be confused with Leviathan Reef Base – Bridge). Use the Harpagorrhea ability on the tube blocking the pipe to the right. Go through the tube then complete the water section using Keratosis to avoid the explosives.

Containment Unit 6: Relith Science HQ

At the exit of the Relith Science HQ you will find the entrance for Containment Unit 6 to the right. To access the location you need to have the Harpagorrhea ability. Once you have this ability you can pull the blockage in the passage out of the way. After doing this deposit biomass outside then go into the Containment Unit.

Inside Containment Unit and go through the door pull the switch so the laser appears. Go past the laser using invisibility. Pull the lever on the left so it opens the gate above the water. Head back to where you deposited biomass and grab it. Bring it into the Containment Unit and drop it into the water that is now accessible (since we opened the gate). Repeat the laser portion and pull the lever again so the biomass drops through the pipe into the section below. Head down and collect the biomass to so you can smash the wood to the DNA.

Jared Stults

Gain access to Gain all 9 Containment Unit.

Containment Unit 7: Nuclear Power Planet

In the Nuclear Power Planet where you access the hive that is in the water you will see a pipe heading down. Once you have the Keratosis ability go down this pipe and use the shielf to avoid the explosive device to the right. Head down again to reach the Containment Unit.

Inside the Containment Unit head through the door and flip the switch to activate the laser. Drop biomass in the room above if needed then cloak through the laser. Use mind control to take over the enemy here and walk him so he reaches the explosive below. Have the explosive hit him then walk to the left so it blows open the room with the DNA inside it. Go through the vent on the right to reach the Electrosis upgrade.

Containment Unit 8: Armored Warfare Facility

The eighth Containment Unit can be found in the Armored Warfare Facility level by the exit. Use the Keratosis ability to bring down an explosive to the stone blocking the path leading to the right. Blow up the stone and head to the right to reach the unit. Go inside and grab the Electrosis upgrade.

Containment Unit 9: Bunker

The final of the Carrion Containment Units can be found in the last level of the game called Bunker. In this level in the room with the first nuclear core you will see it. Pretty hard to miss. Go inside the Containment Unit and grab the Polycheiria passive which grows a third prehensile tentacle.

Video Guide

Complete puzzles and collect the containment jars to unlock all the above achievements.

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