Carnal Instinct – How to Fix the Launcher

A guide on how to fix the launcher in Carnal Instinct.

How to Fix the Launcher

To access to the game, please download and install the Carnal Instinct Launcher, you can find download links to this on Patreon here and Subscribestar here.

For all updates, the launcher will replace itself and you do not need to handle deleting the old version of the launcher. When you login to Patreon, please ensure that you login to Patreon using your Patreon Email/Password and do not use the “Sign in with google” option.

If you have any issues with a empty/blank/white popup window, please review your anti-virus software or capacitive wireless portal and see if it is blocking your login.

A small number of users have had to disable anti-virus software to Login with Patreon, do not forget to re-enable this afterwards.

Google login is not working at the moment, please always login with your Patreon Email/Password, a ticket is open with Patreon for this issue – 03/02/2021

If you are having issues with downloading, please try running the launcher as Admin

For the first 24 hours of the month, Patreon processing runs very slow and may not recognize you as a Patron, please wait up to 24 hours and the issue should resolve.

If not contact support at [email protected] or use the #game-support channel in Discord.

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