Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – How to Earn XP Quickly

A guide on how to earn XP quickly in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021.

How to Earn XP Quickly

Doing customer jobs is of course the standard way to earn xp, but this can be really slow and the real fun only starts once you’re able to do repairs, so you can restore cars without having to buy evey single part from the store.

But you can also earn xp by examing cars, either by using tools you purchase or by simple visual inspection. Each and every part you examine gives you one xp.

The tools include a compression tester, an obd scanner, a tire tester, a compression tester, and an electronics tester. These tools can only be used at your garage, not in barns, at auctions, or the junkyard. Old cars don’t have obd ports, so that tool is useless on them. This, and the compression tester only works on cars with complete engines, so not on cars from barns, junkyards or the salvage auction. If you have a car that is complete, the compression tester and the electronics tester are the ones I’ve found most useful, since they test a lot of parts each.

Unlike the tools, visual inspection can be done anywhere, including junkyards. The best parts to examine are the engines (up to +25 parts) and suspensions (10-15 parts each) These inspections are not very exciting to perform, but at least they work a lot faster than the alternative; installing and removing parts, and you WILL need these points to progress, so maybe it’s worth it to bite the bullet and start inspecting everything you come across? Your decision, of course.

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