Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – 7 Tips to Make Money (Different Ways)

7 tips for different ways to make money in Car Mechanic Simulator 2021.

7 Tips to Make Money

1. Get the welder, the car wash and save up 10.000 credits (just to be on the safe side), then visit the junkyard and buy a wreck or two, return to the garage, weld, wash and do interior detailing. Check if this is enough to earn a profit, if not, you can improve the condition a bit until you’re in the green. Then flip it and return to the junkyard for another haul.

2. Unlock the repair skills as soon as possible, the go to the junkyard and buy all the repairable spare parts you can afford. Return to your garage and fix them and sell for a good profit.

3. You can also choose to keep the parts you repair, either all parts, or just concentrate on a single car model. With a good stack of 100% parts, you can then make a cheap car resto – engine blocks, gearboxes and engine heads tend to be the most expensive parts, so if you have all of these, you’ll be in a good position to make a nice profit. Personally I tend to hoard the repaired parts and only sell if I really need a cash injection – I once made over 100k in one single sale. I visit the junkyard and buy absolutely everything that can be repaired, meticulously going through the piles from a to z. I usually also bring home most of the wrecks and sometimes keep one for myself, while the others get flipped.

4. Unlock the skill that allows you to predict the real value of any car. Then go to the auction house and visit the section for premium cars. Look for any cars that are 5-star condition, then bid on them after checking their real value. If you manage to buy a car for less than its value, you’ll be 100% sure of a profit, but mostly you can afford to bid slightly over the value and still make a profit without even doing anything to the car – all you have to do is return home to the garage with the car and check if you have a profit in hand. If not, a go with the welder and interior detailing will do it. If you have body repairs unlocked, you might as well repair all body parts for an even bigger profit. The thing with the 5 star cars is, that they’re in such good condition, that they are often in the “condition bonus”-territory right from the start, so ANY improvement you make, will count even more than on cars in less pristine condition. Buying 5-star cars sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be – there are many smaller cars like the Salem Fiano etc. to be found in this condition, and they are not too expensive.

5. The battery charging station and the brake lathe are free to use (once you’ve bought them), and unlike the repair benches, there’s no risk of failure. Batteries can be fully recharged, even if below the normal 15% condition limit, and the brake lathe works on all disc brakes with a condition of 15% or more. The only problem is, that you rarely find batteries or brake discs at the junk yard.

6. If you find the game slow going early on, there’s a quick and easy way to get a good cash injection to get you going, although it’s morally wrong. Just take a customer job – look for the most expensive car on the list, then once the customer has left you alone with the car, completely strip it of every part and sell everything! Now get the welder and find a car at the junkyard. Weld it and repair it as much as you can before reselling. You should easily be able to make a profit, as long as you don’t spend ALL the cash from the customer car on buying the wreck at the junkyard – leave a bit for spare parts, just in case the welding and interior detailing turns out not to be enough for a profit. Now you can go back to the junkyard for another car and things should be rolling from here. The customer car? Well, you’ll probably want to repair it and return it sometime in the future, but there’s no hurry.

7. Make sure you subscribe to mods of cars that are real money makers, even if you don’t personally care about them. Remember that lights on modded cars are repairable, unlike vanilla and dlc cars, so this alone means an extra potential for income. Some mods have extremely exclusive variants, like the DeLorean golden body version or the all-carbon-fibre one, not to mention the Back To The Future version, while the Ferrari 458 also have some very valuable parts. Repairing such a part can earn you a lot of cash or you can save the most expensive parts to allow you to later build one of these millionaire vehicles and really get a profit. Just remember to be VERY careful when repairing these parts!!!

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