Café Rouge – All Endings Walkthrough (Ron, Valen, Antoine)

A guide on all endings walkthrough (Antoine LeRouge, Valen Michaels, Ron Davidson) of Café Rouge.

All Endings Walkthrough

Hello everybody! I had been waiting ages for this game to come out and decided to buy it on the first day of its Steam release! As it’s so new, however, there weren’t any other guides posted on here to help new players through the game, so I decided to make my own. I always use guides when playing visual novels so that I can ensure I get every CG and every ending easily; it helps me feel more organized. This is my first time making my own walkthrough, however. I hope you all enjoy it!

Before we get started, I will provide a quick run-through of the basic gameplay mechanics below.

If you’ve ever played a visual novel or otome before you’ll know that they all pretty much operate the same way: left-click on the text box to advance through the text, and left-click on choices to select what your character is going to do or say. You can access the settings either through ‘Settings’ on the main screen, the cog wheel above the dialogue box, or by right-clicking anywhere while in-game. In the upper right corner of the settings menu is a logo with four arrows making a square, click that to put the game in full-screen and click it again to go back to windowed mode.

The rest is pretty self explanatory. ‘Mute’ mutes the game – music, SFX, and even the UI sounds. ‘Skip’ skips through all of the dialogue (warning: can be VERY laggy, has even crashed some people’s games) and it can be accessed both in the menu and by clicking on the two arrows above the dialogue box. ‘Auto Play’ can also be accessed above the dialogue box by clicking the single arrow, this automatically advances the text for you (however, I wouldn’t recommend it, as it can be difficult to get it to stop. So far, the only way that seems to work is by turning it back off in the settings menu specifically). ‘Hide Textbox’ gets rid of the text box, useful for if you want to view a CG in full, and you can bring it back by clicking anywhere on the screen. ‘Restart’ takes you back to the main menu – make sure you save before using!

Then, of course, you have Save and Load. You only have 10 spaces with which to save your progress, so use them wisely. There is also the ‘Log’ that can be brought up by clicking the three lines above the text box that lets you view any past dialogue you might have missed, and it can be easily closed out of by clicking anywhere on the screen.

Now that you know everything, let’s get on with the routes!

Antoine LeRouge

The main love interest, Antoine is a classy gentleman, and a rather mysterious one at that. He is the owner of Café Rouge – but could it be that there is more to him than meets the eye?

1. Sleep five more minutes
2. Kick him
3. Stay awake and try to move around
4. Text him back
5. Turn him down
6. Take bucket
7. Clean up your mess before you head out to the lobby
8. Help Aldo
9. Ask about Demian
10. Night bar
11. Head to the Stage
12. Hear him out

(Create Save 1)

13. Ask what happened
14. Help Aldo
15. Get butter
16. Find Antoine
17. [Go through all choices]
18. Ask later
19. Follow him later
20. Inspect the floor
21. Go investigate the stage and dining hall
22. Call out for help
23. Who is she?
24. Sigh, just continue please

(Create Save 2)

25. Grab the knife

Ending 1: “Death Ending” – Common Bad Ending.

Note: There are plenty of other ways to get the Death Ending in each route, but it’s still the same ending each time, just with slightly different ways of dying. Feel free to experiment with the choices and find other ways to get this ending, though.

(Reload Save 2)

25. Run to the door
26. Stay and hide
27. Stay with Antoine

Ending 2: “A Vampire’s True Love” – Antoine Good Ending.

(Reload Save 1)

13. Ask about his background
14. Clean up
15. Talk back
16. Find Chris
17. [Go through all the choices]
18. Ask now
19. Ask him if he is okay
20. Inspect body area
21. Chris’s bar
22. Snoop around
23. Why does she look like me?
24. …………………
25. Run to the door
26. Stay and hide
27. Stay with Antoine

Ending 3: “Good Night Sweet Prince” – Antoine Bad Ending.

Valen Michaels

The second love interest, Valen Michaels is your playful and sensitive childhood friend. But, just like in any anime or otome, the feelings often go deeper than that…

1. Sleep five more minutes
2. Kick him
3. Succumb to the darkness
4. Text him back
5. Yes, hang out with Valen
6. Say you’re unsure
7. Leave the kitchen
8. Tell him the truth
9. [Go through all the choices]

(Create Save 1)

10. Decline and go home
11. Front Lobby/Pastry Room
12. Visit
13. Tell him Mrs. Michaels is back
14. Confront them
15. Stay Overnight
16. Clean up
17. Give cold shoulder
18. Find Chris
19. Come over
20. [Go through all the choices]
21. Hide Valen under your bed covers
22. Inspect floor
23. Go investigate the stage and dining hall
24. Untangle yourself
25. Call Valen
26. Call back and leave a voicemail
27. Tell him to run
28. Bite Chris
29. Run into the kitchen
30. Leave the knife

Ending 4: “All According to Plan” – Valen Good Ending.

(Reload Save 1)

10. Have tea and chat
11. Night bar
12. Decline
13. Don’t confront them
14. Leave
15. Clean up
16. Give cold shoulder
17. Find Chris
18. Go home
19. Not really
20. [Go through all the choices]
21. Hide Valen under the bed
22. Inspect body area
23. Visit Chris’s bar
24. Snoop around
25. Go and find Aldo
26. Tell him to run
27. Bite Chris
28. Run into the kitchen
29. Leave the knife
(Side note: there are plenty of ways to get the death ending here, just pick any other option aside from the last 4.)

Ending 5: “The Last Rose Petal” – Valen Bad Ending.

Ron Davidson

The third love interest, an obligatory “hot teacher” character. Beyond his pretty face, however, is a kind man with a somewhat awkward personality and a heart of gold.

1. Get up now
2. Kick Valen
3. Succumb to the darkness
4. Don’t text back
5. Skip class
6. Leave the kitchen
7. [Go through all the choices]
8. Ask about café
9. Front Lobby/Pastry Room
10. Ask him why he’s leaving

(Create Save 1)

11. Say goodbye
12. Get a glass of orange juice
13. Clean up
14. Give cold shoulder
15. Find Chris
16. [Go through all the choices]
17. Help Demian on stage
18. Tell a lie
19. Play along with him
20. Inspect floor
21. Go investigate the stage and dining hall
22. Untangle yourself
23. Tell her honestly
24. Ron doesn’t hate you
25. Ask him why he was at Café Rouge
26. Keep running
27. Head into the kitchen
28. Ask him why
29. Run upstairs

Ending 6: “A New Moon Begins” – Ron Good Ending.

(Reload Save 1)

11. Say thanks
12. Get back to work
13. Clean up
14. Give cold shoulder
15. Find Chris
16. [Go through all the choices]
17. Answer truthfully
18. Give in to him
19. Inspect body area
20. Visit Chris’s bar
21. Take a nap
22. Say a white lie
23. Ron doesn’t hate vampires
24. Embrace him
25. Keep running
26. Head into the kitchen
27. Ask him why
28. Run upstairs

Ending 7: “Dead Romeo, Enslaved Juliet” – Ron Bad Ending.

In Closing

Thank you for reading my guide! If you liked it, please give it a rating or leave a comment letting me know what you thought. I know that there are plenty of choices that are interchangeable throughout the routes that can still get you the same ending, so feel free to comment below if you found an easier way to get a certain ending. I believe that this guide should get you every CG in the game as well, but we won’t know for sure until the CG gallery is added in later. I will try to keep this updated as needed if the dev adds more routes or side stories into the game, so keep an eye out for that. That’s all for now, have a great day!

By Otome Gremlin

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