Bus Simulator 21 – How to Reset Level Profile

A guide on how to reset level profile in Bus Simulator 21.

How to Reset Level Profile

If by that you mean delete companies you don’t want anymore, that you can do in the Main Menu -> Pick Company. There every company should have the option to delete it.

You can delete more by going to “save game location” and getting rid of the PlayerProfile000.sav but be careful as this will make you lose progress! So make sure to back up your files before you delete anything so you could go back if you wanted to.

That is your player profile level. It spans across all company’s you play and can be deleted in %localappdata%\BusSimulator21\Saved\SaveGames, but this will make you loose all your progress in that regard (Seaside Valley will be locked again, your settings will be reset, etc.)

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