Bright Memory: Infinite – 5 Tips to Difficulty, Mobs, Monsters, Bullets

This guide shows 5 tips to difficulty, mobs, monsters, bullets in Bright Memory: Infinite.

5 Tips

1. Don’t choose the highest difficulty!

Don’t choose the highest difficulty! Don’t choose the highest difficulty! The important thing is said three times. Do you know what it feels like when my little finger presses the shift key and presses the cramp, and indirectly I have to cooperate with the tab key to block it. It’s really difficult.

2. There are too many monsters

to come over, and the attack interval is short. Both bosses and mobs have long-range or range skills. Range skills cannot be blocked! In other words, you can only dodge.

3. Boss battles all bring mobs.

The mobs will be brushed again after killing them, it is recommended to leave them alone, find a cover throughout the entire process and dodge the boss. (Some bunkers will break)

4. All bullets are scraped

except for the second clip of the B button. In the battle between the small boss and the big boss, bullets are better than nothing except to restore the energy bar of your skills. (Clean the mobs is easy to use)

5. Tianyu Great’s attack

The highest difficulty Tianyu Great’s attack is close to a one-hit kill, and it will teleport and fly over to hit you. The attack range is judged to be huge, and it is impossible to dodge 2 times.

Cooperating with the mob’s attack, it was stuck and basically reopened. For the time being, I’ve beaten Divine Water: Revenge (Tianyu the Great Second Stage) and look again…

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