Breathedge – How to Get All Achievements (Story, Chapters, and More)

A guide on how to get all achievements (story, chapters, and more) in Breathedge.

How to Get All Achievements

Story Related Achievements

These are achievements you can’t miss while playing the game. For all of them it does not matter if you get all the right solutions or not. However, if you are in for collecting all the achievements in one run, I recommend you check the other parts of this guide before you start the game.


You get this achievement for plugging the leak at the starting engineer area with gum.


You must collect the smuggler’s eye, you can find his location in the below and left of the starting engineer shuttle.

The Power Of The Unicorn

You can find the dispenser at the shuttle used as battering ram, then scan the airlock underneath that shuttle, after crafting the dispenser go and build the small airlock to get the achievement.

Heroic Deed

You must turn off 5 turrets and collect their power cells to power the knight-gun.

Almost Served

You need to scan & craft a military suit, then after equipping it you need you to talk with military module entrance robot.


Craft an ignitor to repair the centrifuge at the Mayo.

Complete Chapter 2

You need to complete all 6 tasks given to you which will cause the radiation to be reduced.

Complete Chapter 3

This one will be also unlocked some moments after “Complete Chapter 2” achievement automatically.

Missable achievements

BDSM fan club

At the intro of the game you are going to have options to “Spit” or “Tell him”, you have to spit at the coffin for 3 times.

Note: You automatically spit at him for the first time so you have repeat that just 2 times.

A complete idi…

After starting chapter 2 you must threaten yourself with the drill enough time to kill yourself.


This achievement can be obtained in 2 locations, first one is the shuttle used as the battering ram, once you get to the door you can open or hit, hit it with the scraper until it breaks. The only other location is the military module.


You must open the bio module, first you have to blow open the hatches with explosives. then when the module opened you have to scan 3 mutants, you have to scan them before using control panel inside the module

A rebel

Inside the bio module control panel when your suit AI tells you to press green button, choose to press the red button instead.

Chapter 1

Small puffs of gas

This achievement requires the accelerator and boost for 5 minutes.

Note: The accelerator can be found in a toilet in the freezing zone which is located to the right of starting shuttle.


You have to go to the perverts shuttle wreck which is below the starting shuttle and collect 4 items, “Bloody Hammer”, “Condom”, “Note” & “Condom Box”.

Chicken dielectric

You have to put out 3 electrical areas with your immortal chicken, the easiest place for this task is the area directly behind the starting shuttle.


You must collect the underwear at the male shuttle wreckage which is located behind the starting shuttle.


This achievement requires you to examine 3 drawn on mannequins found on the left side of the engineer shuttle. (They are drawn in the backside of their body)


You will be given a task to craft “Crap imposed by the developers”, once crafted you have to “Hit yourself” 3 times to get this achievement.

Note: You can pick up this item anytime you want and hit yourself.

Chapter 2

A contributor to the industry

You have to advance the story enough to build the magnetic key to open coffins , after you open 3 coffins you will be asked if you pirated the game or is it licensed. You have to choose “Yes my game is licensed”


You must destroy all the garbage collection robots, there are 6 robots in the tunnel in the second shuttle you find and 3 to the left side of the Knight-Gun, so you have to kill 9 – 10 robots.

Note: They will keep respawning, it’s best to destroy the with blaster as they are fast & hard to hit.


In order to get this achievement, you have to open 20 different coffins.

Trust me, I’m an engineer

You must go to the shuttle used as the battering ram at the end of the tunnel, once inside the shuttle look at the table in the left side and pick up an engineer ID.


You must scan the cow wearing a space suit at the bio module.

Vacuum cleaner

In order to get this achievement, you must collect all 3 blueprints then after building your base with transport platform craft and ride the Vacuum.

Note: 2 of those blueprints are near each other at the end of the tunnel and the other one is inside the armored module.


You must shoot with the blaster 100 times, you can find the blaster’s blueprint inside the armored module.


You need to collect 6 disabled breathedge electric core, in order to collect them you have to craft EMP grenade and throw it to the cores to make them disabled.


Collect 3 ZAZ-1 Space Car blueprint, then after building your base with transport platform build and drive the car.


In order to get this achievement, you must collect a letter floating in a locker at the Tea Party which is located to be the right of the military module.


You must fly through 25 unique rings round in magma and electrified areas. (There are 30 rings found in-game)


For this achievement you must disable 3 security robots, then after they got disabled you need to throw an EMP grenade to them which will destroy them.

Coffin Counter

You must find all of the coffins in the Normandy area, there are about 10 different coffins also your suit AI will give you dialogues when you find a new coffin in that area.

A Persistent One

In order to get this achievement, In the Normandy area you must continuously press the start button on the repaired steering wheel.

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