Breathedge – How to Find ZAZ-I Vehicle Blueprints

A guide on how to find ZAZ- vehicle blueprints in Breathedge.

ZAZ-I Vehicle Blueprints Guide

This guide is created to help finding the ZAZ-1 Vehicle Blueprints a.k.a. The Space Car.

1. The first blueprint can be found under the Mayo Ship in a big open area, just go straight to that area and you will eventually find the first part to scan.

The thing that you scan will look like this:

2. The second Blueprint is INSIDE a meteorite located near the slow-turning fan where you can find the electricity/thunders all around, it is advised to wear your Electrical Engineer Suit to get through the hole inside the meteorite.

Inside it looks as follows:

3. The third part is located inside a tiny meteorite near where you get your EMP Blueprint, it is located near huge ship debris with electricity inside it.

Through another slow-turning fan

The meteorite is rather tiny, in this picture, it is located on the right with a smoke trail

The ZAZ-1 Manual will be on a dead astronaut’s hand (in my case, I already took it)

By Steel is Heavier than Feather

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