Breathedge – Complete Special Achievements Guide

This shows complete guide to Breathedge’s “special achievement” category.

Complete Special Achievements Guide


Hello all just wanted to give a concise guide to all Special Achievements.

All of the achievements are done during the second area (right after you do your first jump with the Normandy)

Note: I recommend doing the “Careful Driver” one first as I’m not sure whether it triggers on the level of hull damage or the amount of hull damage done by the asteroid scraping.

This is all done on release version 1.0.0

Airlock Master

This one is one of the easier ones; dock and undock at any of the airlocks with the shuttle repeatedly and it will trigger. Keep docking/undocking until it triggers, you don’t need to fly away.


This one annoyed me a lot because the repair bots are hard to see. Find Repair Bots and keep blowing them up; you can find one or two of them at each repair station as well anywhere the coffin bots are located. Look closely!


Blow up all the asteroid-killer turrets. There are three main locations for them;

1) The Police Module (4 Turrets)

2) The Forward Module (5-ish Turrets)

3) The Accelerator (1 Turret)

You can snipe them from far enough away or just get into their blind arc and blast away.


Seek out and destroy the three / four CoffinStations.

Much like the Pew-Pew! Achievement, you can snipe these from far enough away.

The coffins don’t do too much damage individually but try and kite them as in a large enough group they can be annoying.

Sir, No Sir!

Blow up a coffin general.

When you take out any of the CoffinStations or a swarm of the coffins, look out for one coffin marked with the red arrows, blow it up and the achievement should trigger.

See below for image:

Ice Breaker

Blow up all of the small spheroid ice asteroids.

Most of them are around the coolant module area, however there is one that is easily missed that is within a tube-shaped piece nearby.

Auto Repair Shop

Visit the automatic repair shop with the Normandy repeatedly.

This triggered for me after about 5/6 times.

Careful Driver

Bash yourself repeatedly against the asteroids.

Use the bottom of the hull and drive along one of the knobbly asteroids making sure your hull gets damaged.

Triggered for me when my hull indicator went down (via collision damage) down to 66 from 155.

Big Machine Gun

Kill enough coffins to get your shuttle guns up to the max level (4).

Thank You!

Thank you for reading this guide and I hope it helps!

And an even bigger thank you to the devs for making such an amazing game!

By Kiauitl

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