Borderlands 3 – Locked” in Sanctuary (How to Use Fast Travel)

Does Sanctuary have a bug? It is not working fast travel? This guide will help you on how to use fast travel, especially even if locked in Sanctuary or Galaxy in Borderlands 3.

Stuck in Sanctuary

Do not use the fast travel stations on the maps itself, you can access different areas by going to the map screen and hit x.

That shows you all fast travel locations that you already visited after you select a planet, and then the map name you been to.

In this way, you can travel to all map you visited otherwise, you have a bug.

But you can work around by going to the map, clicking “X” for Galaxy and targeting a planet. Its locations with fast travel locations should be available then.

Discovering Planet

You discover a new planet -> You travel down with that capsule -> You discover some fast-travel stations -> they get synchronized with your system.

From that point, you can always travel back to the discovered fast-travel stations via your map and the “Orbit View”. The reason why this is made up like this is the following… when you traveled down to a planet via said capsule how would you get back up then? I mean it crashed so it won’t fly anywhere again. And the fast-travel station on Sanctuary only exists because of a connection between all the fast-travel stations simply because of the previously named reason of a crash-landing on a planet. It is not meant to be used as a traveling-station.

The thing that you remember as the “Fast Traveling Stations” from Borderlands 2 is not the same as those on Borderlands 3. Or actually they are but its kinda different here. The thing is that these fast traveling stations give you the opportunity to hop around in a given area. It is not meant to jump around between planets or anything. This is the reason why you only get Sanctuary as your only destination when trying to fast travel with the Sanctuary one.

It was the same on BL2 but the reason why you could access anything back then was that you only were on one single planet, no matter what area. So You can jump inside of Promethea or Pandora but you CANNOT jump between planets.

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