Borderlands 3 (Bounty of Blood) – New All Achievements Guide

A simple guide explaining all the new dlc achievements (how to get) in Bounty of Blood

New All Achievements Guide

Campaign Achievements

Stone Cold Killer

Stone Cold Killer: Complete mission “Blood from a Stone”

To start this new DLC mission, you have to activate the bounty poster inside your room on the ship, Travel to the new world of Gehenna and complete the first quest

It’s a Wash

It’s a Wash: 2nd non-missable achievement, you will get it after the mission “Blood from a Stone” on the “Ashfall Peaks” map

Getting Off Track

Getting Off Track: Just like the first two, you will get this one from the campaign in the Obsidian Forrest after completing the “Off the Rails” Mission

Bounty: Hunted

Bounty: Hunted: For the fourth campaign achievement, a mission called “where it all started” will take you to “Blood Sun Canyon”

Ruin on the Horizon

Ruin on the Horizon: You will get this one after completing the final storyline quest of this dlc, Once done with the ““Riding to Ruin” mission, hand it in and you are done all storyline quests !

All of the achievements listed above can be obtained through playing through the DLC story, There are no missable achievements like the first dlc. Take your time and have fun!

Completionist Achievements

Helpful Hunter

Helpful Hunter: Complete All side missions on Gehenna

That’s Quite Challenging

That’s Quite Challenging: Complete all 45 Crew challenges on Gehenna, This one will be your 2nd last achievement for the Bounty of Blood DLC, You can see what challenges need to be completed by going to the map, then the challenges tab, You will not be able to get all of them on your first playthrough of the DLC (some things will unlock after you beat the storyline) So save achievement for last!

How the West Was Done

How the West Was Done: Congratulations, you did it! you have completed the story line, finished off all side missions and hunted down all 45 challenges, Nothing left for you in this DLC but to start the grind for new loot!

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