Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood – Hunted and Helpful Hunter Achievement, Full Game Walkthrough

This guide will help you on how to get Bounty Hunted achievement and full game walkthrough for Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood.

How to Get?

Bounty: Hunted

Complete mission “Where It All Started”. (Hidden)

Story related.
4th main mission. Will unlock after going through the Bloodsun Canyon map.

Goodgamez has a great walkthrough of just the main missions on Youtube. All credit to them.
This quest starts around 1:29:20 and the achievement would pop around the 1:52:00 mark.

Helpful Hunter

Complete all side missions on Gehenna. (Hidden)


A buddy had one of his quests glitch to where he couldn’t finish it. (The Quick and the Quickener) To avoid this, I recommend when you pick up a quest, complete it immediately instead of coming back later.
If one does glitch on you, jump in a friend’s game and complete it with them, that worked for my friend.

There are 11 side missions in this DLC. All of them are completed in the areas in which you get them so no extra traveling required.


  • The Quick and the Quicker (available after several main missions)

The Blastplains

  • Miracle Elixir Fixer
  • Devil Rustlers
  • Saurdew Valley
  • Money Back Guarantee

Ashfall Peaks

  • Dirty Deeds
  • The Legend of McSmugger

Obsidian Forest

  • Lost and Found
  • Of Blood and Beans

Bloodsun Canyon

  • The Meatman Prophecy
  • The Dandy and Damsel

Bounty of Blood Full-Game Walkthrough

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