Borderlands 3 and GTA 5 – How to Get Steam Xp and Coins (Farming Badges)

This guide will help you how to get Steam Xp, coins and points (farming badges) from Borderlands 3 and GTA 5.

How to Get Steam Xp and Coins (Farming Badges)

You can reward manual for 300 points, and the author receives 100 points for each award.
Here you can add authors, because of which they will also receive 100 points, for each award. Coins arrive 14 days after receiving the reward.

This is the farm, if you want to do this with us:

– Add me as a friend.
– Ask in PM to add the author of this guide (I will add those who award).
– After that, promote the manual in any way (like, comments, etc.).

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In addition to points, they will also give you badges, which is also not a bad way to increase experience in steam.

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