Bombergrounds Battle Royale – How to Survive (Tips)

These tips for Bombergrounds Battle Royale will help you on how to survive If you are a beginner for the game.

Tips for Surviving

Collect the stars.

The more you survive, the more you get experience. It provides you to upgrade your level.

You can throw bombs forward with pressing “K”. You can also slow down the speed of your opponents by pressing “K”. In this way, they cannot escape from the bombs that you left by pressing “J” around them.

You can also hold “K” and accumulate a super blow, this blow kills the enemy, but at the same time, you become very slow.

You can use the “J” button to break the boxes and receive stars, as well as various amplifications. These are all objects that are currently in the game.

At the moment, writing this manual for one game gives from 0 to 4 coins, and if you increase the level then 100.

Killing large numbers of opponents increases your “experience” point.

Be careful when collecting additional loots on the corners of the venue (in general). While some are shielding you, you can fall down as some of them destroy the corner side.

Since the game is online, you have to act too fast. If you are just starting to play the game, be ready to die.

Die constantly, but increase your survival time.

In Short

  • The game gives experience depending on your place among the players and kills.
  • There are 3 characters in the game.
  • For the coins that you get in battle, you can open the chest, as well as for crystals (but they are paid).
  • Also in the near future, a combat pass will be available.
  • And after you familiarize yourself with our guide, you can take the top 1.

Have fun!!

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