Bloons TD 6 – How to Get Secret Achievements

A guide on how to get secret achievements (Golden Tickets, Alchermistman and Bloonacleboy) in Bloons TD 6.

Secret Achievements

This is not a professional guide, but it will describe how I get the achievements succinctly, talking about tips and what else is needed. It will be written as I come across the achievements.

All original sources for the tips will be cited. Think of this guide more as a compilation of information from other sources, but organized here by me.

Secret Achievements

In the game, hidden achievements are a special set of achievements as the requirements to get that an achievement are not shown to the player. These are discovered usually through curiosity or random discoveries. – Bloons Fandom Wiki

There are, so far, seven secret Achievements.

Golden Ticket

This can be revealed by entering Candy Falls and interacting with the hidden monkeys to complete their song, requiring all eight to be tapped in a specific order. The monkeys do have to be tapped pretty quickly in the correct sequence; After around 1.0 seconds of inactivity, the sequential pattern will reset. If you tap the right location, you’ll see the hidden monkey appear and then disappear.

1.Top right corner
2.Door on the house
3.The base of the chocolate waterfall
4.The top left corner
5.The right side of the low part of the track overhanging the chocolate river
6.The bottom right corner
7.The water wheel
8.The bottom left corner

You don’t have to beat the map, in fact, you don’t even have to start. Just enter the map, in any difficulty.

Alchermistman and Bloonacleboy

Following an ISAB gameplay I managed to get this achievement.

The map chosen was Logs, on Hard difficulty, in Double HP MOABS mode.

You need to complete a single match with 900k + damage done by the Bloon Master Alchemist before round 100. I managed to reach the goal in round 86.

Try to position the BMA in an area where it can attack at 360º and at various times (crossing routes).

Also be aware of placing other towers out of the reach of BMA targets, so that they attack only when the targets can no longer be reached by the BMA at any time.

Do not despair at the slow rise of damage accumulation. You will win in large quantities only with BFBs, ZOMGs and DDts at the final / highest levels, in addition to MOABs. So, thinking about this point, you can ignore the previous rule about the range of the towers, if you guarantee damage in the final stages (the range rule guarantees you only about 200k).

By RjNegreiros

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