Blasphemous – Guide to Alms for the Church

A guide to alms for the church in Blasphemous.

Guide to Alms for the Church

Breakpoints for all the tithe options in the Church in Albero.

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The Church in Albero has a donation box at the end of the empty aisle. This is an alms box, where you can give alms to the poor affected by the twisted wills of the Miracle.

Donate your hard-earned Tears of Atonement for various rewards, some of which are INCREDIBLY valuable.

Tier 1: 2000 Total Tears of Atonement

Unlocks the CONFESSOR option at the alms box, allowing you to remove your guilt from the world.

This is especially useful if you’ve destroyed all the confessor statues while aiming for ending A.

Tier 2: 5000 Total Tears of Atonement

Exit and reenter the church and you will find a rosary bead — TOKEN OF APPRECIATION — on the ground.

When equipped, this will increase your strength when you are out of Biliary Flasks to use. You’ll probably get a decent amount of use out of this on some of the harder boss fights, and it makes a noticable difference.

Tier 3: 10,000 Total Tears of Atonement

Unsure. Perhaps just cosmetic upgrade?

At some point the Prie Dieu start refilling your fervor bar when you rest at them. It’s possible that it’s this tier but I haven’t yet checked.

Tier 4: 20,000 Total Tears of Atonement

This is the big one for most people.

Donating a total of 20,000 tears will upgrade your Prie Dieu to allow you to teleport between them.

This opens up the world in a fantastic fashion, and also — at the time of writing — makes the Chalice of Inverted Verses quest really easy, as travelling in this way does NOT spill the Chalice.

This may get fixed.

Tier 5: 30,000 Total Tears of Atonement

This one also seems to be cosmetic.

The size of the alms box is now much larger and more vertical, and the church itself is full of paintings and other iconography.

Tier 6: 50,000 Total Tears of Atonement

After donating 50,000 tears as alms to the poor, the people of Albero (or perhaps the Miracle itself?) will grant you use of the CLOISTERED RUBY rosary bead.

After using a biliary flask to heal, this bead will allow you to shoot out waves of light for a short time. (Think the Master Sword in The Legend of Zelda when at full health.)

A good choice if you use a lot of flasks, especially in combination with the roasary bead that allows near-instant flask use.

Tier 7: 100,000 Total Tears of Atonement

After donating 100,000 of your precious tears, two things happen:

1) You are granted access to the ALMS FOR OBLIVION aspect, which gives you a new skin for the Penitent One that you can equip at the main menu.

2) The alms box grows to its full size and no longer accepts donations. Now when you interact with it, it will simply clear your guilt.

by Demaje

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