Blasphemous – Echoes of Salt: How to Jump (Ledge)

A guide on how to jump to that ledge (echoes of salt) in Blasphemous.

Echoes of Salt: How to Jump (Ledge)

That item sitting on the ledge mocks you, seemingly out of reach. “How on earth do I get up there?” you wonder.

Do the Lamp Jump Guide

  • You can reach the ledge as soon as you encounter it. No additional items required!
  • Start by standing on the second-highest ledge in the room, just below the door.
  • Wait for an opening in the rising fireballs and then jump towards the lamps.
  • Hold diagonally left+down as you smack each lantern with your sword to gain a little height so you can grab the ledge.
  • See this short video for a demonstration of how to perform the jump.

by ToeLord

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