Billionaire Lovers – Endings, Achievements Guide (All Weeks)

This shows endings, achievements guide (all weeks) for Billionaire Lovers.

Endings, Achievements Guide

A very good anti-fraud and anti-fraud game!

I unlocked 7 endings, 9 achievements, and the last achievement “Spent 100 million” I am still working on it!

This guide is summarized in accordance with the [Simplest Clearance Order]-a total of three weeks.

A Week

Weekly Eye:

Ending 1 (Fixed Trend), 2 Achievements
  • [Ending 1] “Agree” to the user privacy agreement-the money is transferred-END [European achievement, achievement “Maybe a good choice to start again?”]

Two Weeks

Second week:

Ending Two & Endings Three (Optional) 3 Achievement

“Disagree” user privacy agreement (green screen frightened, no problem), so that the money will not be transferred to Justin & Steven Shura, choose Save it and open two endings directly:

  • [Ending Two]: Forgive Justin: Obey him and promise all his requirements-start a company and become a legal person-BAD END [Achievement “A company legal person can’t be casually”]
  • [Ending three]: Don’t forgive Justin: Addicted to the lottery-Kyle manipulated the probability of drawing cards-END AGAIN [Non-Chief Achievement, Achievement “You are about to touch the truth”]

Three Weeks

Three weeks:

All Remaining Endings (Optional) 4 Achievement

“Disagree” user privacy agreement.

Uninstall “love blind box”.

Send wallet to Ilias, get caught (no matter what you choose, you will be caught)-call si steven: there are two options, archive!!!! All endings can be unlocked directly!!!

  • [Ending four]: shouting “i’m caught”-bad end, achievement “he has been watching you”

Circuitously suggesting steven “i was caught”:

  • [Ending 5] Kyle “I and you are of the same kind” ——handshake——signature——bad end, achievement “did you choose to believe him?”

Kyle “I’m different from you”——action:

  • [Ending 6] directly add to 90 million and 100 million——bad end, achievement “let’s hold on again”
  • [ending 7] a little bit more cautious price increase-true end, achievement “this story is over, but your life has just begun”


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