Beyond: Two Souls – 100% Achievements Guide (All Chapters)

This is 100% achievements guide in all chapters of Beyond: Two Souls.

100% Achievements Guide (All Chapters)

Before you proceed studying this guide, please note that this is a story focused game, and I highly recommend that you just enjoy the game for your first playthrough without any help. Please do not use this guide on your first playthrough, as it may contain spoilers from the story. If you don’t mind the spoilers, then go ahead and be my guest.

Beyond: Two Souls achievements are kind of divided into three groups, The achievements for the main story of the game that are easy to get, special achievements and tricky achievements. In this guide, you’ll find all the achievements segmented by chapter (where possible). On the other hand, there are special and tricky achievements which can only be unlocked by doing stuff within a specific chapter and/or throughout the bundle of chapters. Choose wisely, as some of the choices can impact your chance of unlocking specific achievements. Multiple playthroughs are welcome in order to get every single one of them.

So, once you finish the game for the first time and get the achievements you get, please note that some achievements cannot be unlocked by replaying a specific chapter. What does this mean? It means that you’ll have to start a new game, rather than replay the chapters separately in order to unlock them, hence the reason I mentioned multiple playthroughs above.

One more thing, it doesn’t matter if you play in solo or duo mode since both modes unlock the achievements equally, except the one achievement where the game must be completed in duo mode. Once again, I’m throwing in a friendly warning about the spoilers, there are spoilers in this guide, so if you’re playing the game for the first time – please complete your first playthrough without this guide.

This guide contains everything you’ll need to achieve a 100% completion of Beyond: Two Souls.

Chapter: The Experiment

Achievement: Somebody Else?
Description: Played as Aiden for the first time.

This one’s pretty much self-explanatory. Somebody Else? is a story related achievement and it cannot be missed. In order to unlock this achievement, you’ll need to interact with Aiden for the very first time in the game.

Achievement: Obedience
Description: Stopped the experiment voluntarily.

Upon the completion of the first experiment and/or test, Cole will ask for the blocks to me moved in the next room. Once the instructions have been given, switch to Aiden and move the blocks in the second room, and then continue with the ultimate destruction of everything in that room. Do not stop throwing stuff around until Nathan yells ‘STOP’ while trying to open the door. Once you hear Nathan yelling ‘STOP’ simply exit the Aiden control and quickly press the button to stop the experiment voluntarily. Please note that all this must be done before Cole or Nathan gets through the door.

Chapter: My Imaginary Friend

Achievement: Teammates
Description: Did 3 mischievous things with Jodie and Aiden.

In the chapter My Imaginary Friend you’ll need to do at least 3 mischievous interactions with Jodie and Aiden. To make it simple, Aiden needs to do three things that will be Jodie in trouble with her parents. There are nine different mischievous behaviors that can be done in order to unlock this achievement, but you’re only required to do three. The easiest way to unlock this achievement is by bothering Jodie’s mother in the kitchen in the following order:

  • Levitate the chairs with Aiden.
  • Look at the cookie jar with Jodie, and then ask if you can get a cookie. After that, switch to Aiden to grab a cookie and put the cookie into Jodie’s hand or drop it on the floor.
  • Turn on the radio with Aiden.

Chapter: First Night

Achievement: Entities Apprentice
Description: Vanquished the entities with Aiden.

While progressing through the story, you’ll encounter numerous monsters which are called the ‘evil entities.’ Unlike Jodie, Aiden’s capable of defeating them with his powers. In order to successfully unlock this achievement, just defend Jodie from the monsters without failing. If you as much as fail one interaction with the entities, you’ll have to redo the section until you miss none of the defensive moves.

Chapter: Alone

Achievement: Sorry
Description: Forgave Jodie’s Father.

During the Alone chapter, you’ll be playing as Aiden throughout the chapter. Jodie’s parents will leave her to Cole Freeman and Nathan Dawkins and will never return again. In order to unlock this achievement, just stand there and watch Jodie’s father Philip leave the room without any interaction, and the achievement will be unlocked once the chapter is complete.

Achievement: Not My Father
Description: Choked Philip with Aiden.

This is pretty much the same thing as the previous Sorry achievement, but this time around you’ll be required to choke Jodie’s father Philip to death as he leaves the room. This is easy to catch, since Philip’s character will produce an orange glow. As soon as you see the orange glow appear around Philip’s character, use Aiden’s powers to choke him to death.

Chapter: The Party

Achievement: Revenge
Description: Taught 3 or more of the teens a lesson, or started the house fire, with Aiden.

This is a very simple achievement. Nearing the end of The Party, the teens will lock Jodie inside the cupboard under the stairway where Aiden frees Jodie. Once Jodie is free, you’ll be prompted to choose between the options to: Leave or get the Revenge.

As the name of this achievement suggests, you’ll have to pick the Revenge option. Once the Revenge option has been selected, just scare the teens in the party room with Aiden by pushing stuff around. It is highly recommended to set the house on fire since it’s required for the later unlockable Uncontrollable achievement.

Achievement: Cold Blood
Description: Did not impress or scare the teens with Aiden.

This achievement is also self explanatory. In order to unlock this achievement, you must as Jodie refuse to show the powers to the teens during the party or just tell them that there is no power and the teens will not be impressed, obviously. Near the end of this chapter, the teens will lock Jodie under the stairway where Aiden comes into rescue. Once Jodie’s free, just choose the Leave option and that’s pretty much it.

Chapter: Like Other Girls

Achievement: Together Forever
Description: Protected Jodie from her attackers.

Once again, we’re interacting with a pretty much self explanatory achievement. Once Jodie gets grounded and forbidden to leave and hang out with other people, your objective is o escape the laboratory and make your way to the bar. In order to leave the room, you’ll need to use Aiden in order to do things in the room such as breaking, moving and pretty much just interacting with everything.

After the breakfest you’ll be able to posses Cole and control him. It’s time to unlock the door and escort Jodie out of the laboratory. Jodie’ll eventually reach a place with the guard, and you’ll have to choose the Cole’s speak option in order to make him look ‘awake.’ This will prevent the guard from touching Cole thus allowing you to leave the laboratory without being detected.

Later in the chapter Jodie will arrive at the bar where you can interact either with the pool table or the arcade machine. Both of these will work since one of the men at the bar will approach Jodie to play a game of pool. Just continue selecting the dialogue as you wish and soon enough he’ll try to touch Jodie. At this point in time you’ll be switched to Aiden automatically in order to protect Jodie.

In order to unlock this achievement, interact with stuff around the bar with Aiden to scare them off. The three men will reach for the door to escape, and the orange ‘stuff’ will appear around the first guy. Kill the first guy by choking him, and then interact with the bartender guy in such manner for him to reach for the shotgun behind the counter and kill the third guy, then committing suicide.

Chapter: The Condenser

Achievement: Portal Shutdown
Description: Successfully shut down the condenser portal.

During The Condenser chapter Nathan will ask Jodie to help shutdown the portal that has been opened up by an accident. This is the portal that opens the path to the Infraworld, so you know, Jodie can take care of that with Aiden.

To unlock this achievement, you must not fail the QTEs that occur in this chapter. Failing a certain QTE will result in Jodie leaving the facility and forcing the military to airstrike the building. This will not give you the chance to unlock the achievement. So, in order to avoid this, do the following:

  • Defeat the possessed scientist.
  • In the next room, complete the QTEs successfully and without failing.
  • In the freezing hallway search ffor a key card and defend Jodie from, the dead scientists.
  • By interacting with Aiden, kill the remaining dead scientists.
  • In the last room, flip the switch and prepare for the final battle.

After you do all the above listed things, simply make your way towards the other side. When the evil entities attack Jodie, you’ll be automatically switched to Aiden, thus fighting and killing every single evil entities that gets in your way. Please note that you’ll have to vanquish them all in order to be able to unlock the Entities Master achievement later on. Once Jodie gets across successfully, she’ll shut down the condenser portal on her own.

Achievement: Channeling Master
Description: Channeled all dead bodies in the condenser compound.

Even though this achievement is also self explanatory, it can be tricky. During this chapter, you’ll find dead bodies and will be able to channel some of them. Channeling is a way of retrieving memories of a recent traumatic event. While channeling the dead bodies in the condenser, Jodie will witness how every person died.

There’s total of eight bodies in this chapter that can be channeled. Simply walk to each and every body and control the purple orbs redirecting the emanation towards Jodie’s head. This will trigger in a flashback for each of the dead bodies.

Where do I find these bodies?

  • The first body is story related and cannot be missed. It can be found in the elevator.
  • The second body can be found after Jodie exits the above-mentioned elevator, moving the recently deceased soldier out of the way. Enter through the door and switch to Aiden in order to open this door. After you enter the room, get behind the desk where the switch is located and you’ll find a dead body on the desk counter.
  • The third body can be found in the server room, the body will be lying down on the floor to the left side of Jodie.
  • The fourth body can be found once Jodie drops out of the air vent into the burning office. The body will be leaning his back against a desk on the floor.
  • The fifth body an be found after breaking the window, near a soda machine.
  • The sixth body will be located in the same area as the soda machine, you’re looking for a fireman’s body.
  • The seventh body can be found after the fighting scene, the body will be pilled up with a group of dead soldiers.
  • The eight and the last body can be found in the condenser control room after making your way past the icy hallway.

Chapter: Welcome To The CIA

Achievement: Perfect Soldier
Description: Completed most of the physical training successfully.

You’ll unlock this achievement during the events of Welcome To The CIA chapter where Jodie and Aiden train for covert ops with the CIA. It is unknown how many challenges exactly you have to complete without failing in order for this achievement to be unlocked. There’s one good thing though, these challenges are easy to complete. Just make sure that you complete all of the training stuff as instructed.

Achievement: Fight Apprentice
Description: Won every fight whilst taking less than 5 hits.

This achievement you can unlock during the same CIA events as the previous one. In order to unlock it, you must finish the fighting sections without getting hit more than five times. This does not include all the fights throughout the entire game, but just during this chapter. These fights are easy to complete successfully since the time slows down. Just make sure to follow Jodie’s movements and you’ll get through it easily. Remember, Jodie can’t get hit more than five times.

Achievement: Stealth Apprentice
Description: Completed all stealth training without being spotted.

This is one of the easiest achievements to unlock during this chapter. In order to unlock it, simply go through the training exercise without being spotted. The only advice I can give you on this one is to not rush it. Take your time and use Aiden to distract the guards, you’ll get the hang of it. Note that Jodie cannot be spotted even once.

Chapter: The Embassy

Achievement: Clean Job
Description: Shut down the monitor and finished the mission using only Aiden.

This is fairly easy, and is occurring during the visit to The Embassy, where Jodie has to go to the safe and get the information with Aiden on the second floor. So, in order to accomplish this, complete the mission using just Aiden, and that can be done in the following order:

  • Distract the surveillance guard and pause the monitor.
  • Do not posses the Sheik or the guard on the second floor.

While using only Aiden, fly upstairs to the second floor and get Aiden into the surveillance room. Inside this room, you’ll find the guard and the monitors, hit the switch on the monitors. The guard will notice that the cameras have been paused and will fix the monitor screen. Once he fixes the monitor, push the coffee cup off of the table and pause the monitor screen again as he’s distracted.

Now fly into Sheik’s main office without interacting with the second floor guard that has an orange glow, and interact with the painting, then open the drawer from the desk and flip the switch. Deactive the hand scanner device and open the documents so Jodie can read them. Doing this, will unlock the trophy at the end of the chapter.

Achievement: Possessive Spy
Description: Finished the mission using only the Sheik.

In order to unlock this achievement, you’ll have to do exactly the same things but this time using the Sheik himself. This can be done in the following order:

  • Posses the Sheik right after gaining Aiden’s control and do the job.

Once you switch to the control of Aiden, simply posses the Sheik himsemf, the man Ryan introduced Jodie to. Wait for Sheik to move away from the people he’s interacting with as he cannot be touching another person while being possessed. Once the Sheik’s character starts producing an orange glow, posses him and walk up the stairs and enter his office. Inside the office, walk behind the desk and look for the switch to move the painting. Now, use the hand scanner device to open the safe and take out the documents so Jodie can read them. After that, just finish the mission as intended and you’ll unlock the achievement.

Chapter: The Dinner

Achievement: Perfect Lover
Description: Cooked a meal, cleaned the apartment, took a shower, wore the elegant dress and put on some music.

This achievement as countless others is self explanatory, but can also be tricky for various reasons and player error. In order to successfully get this achievement, do the following:

  • Clean the apartment by putting the trash into the trashcan, books on the bookshelf, and clothes in the laundry.
  • In order to put on the elegant dress, head into Jodie’s room and look inside the closet, then select the elegant dress.
  • To put on some music, turn on the radio located under the bookshelf, alongside the TV. You can choose whichever genre you wish.
  • To cook a meal, head into the kitchen and read the cooking book on the counter. Cook either the Asian Beef or the Chicken Curry as this choice doesn’t really matter, for as long as it’s not ordering the pizza.

Whatever else you do besides the above-mentioned instructions, doesn’t really matter.

Achievement: Casual Girl
Description: Ordered a pizza, watched some TV and wore something casual.

It’s as simple as the description says. Just do the following before Ryan Clayton arrives:

  • Head into Jodie’s room and put on the cool dress.
  • Order some pizza by heading to the kitchen and reading the cooking book, and then selecting the pizza option.
  • To watch the TV, just sit down and watch the TV on the sofa using the remote. You can turn it off as soon as you turn it on so you don’t need to waste your time.

Whatever else you do besides the above-mentioned instructions, doesn’t really matter.

Achievement: In Love With Ryan
Description: Slept with Ryan.

It’s a FUN TIME! So, just sleep with Ryan which can only be done if you never went to the bar in the chapter Like Other Girls. If you did go to the bar in this chapter, you’ll have to replay it choosing the SAVE option and obviously don’t let Jodie go to the bar, then replay The Dinner chapter.

In order to not allow Jodie to leave the laboratory in Like Other Girls, just use Aiden to break stuff around the room again. Once you posses Cole, do the rest until you reach the guard at the exit. Once the guard asks if Cole is okay, you can ignore all the options without any interaction, or choosing the speak option. Not speaking as the possessed Cole will make the guard suspicious thus not allowing you to leave, and preventing Jodie from being sexually assaulted, allowing her to sleep with Ryan in this The Dinner chapter.

Chapter: The Mission

Achievement: Stealth Master
Description: Made it to the cathedral without being spotted.

So, even though this seems like an easy task, it won’t be for some players. During The Mission chapter, Jodie will be tasked with a dangerous assignment of assassinating a warlord. This is a fun little chapter full of action, where Jodie must make it to the cathedral without being spotted. This is basically the CIA training stuff with the real situation.

In order not to fail this, just use Aiden to scout ahead the areas before moving to the next cover, easy, right? Don’t forget to choke some of the enemies to death when that option is given, also, don’t forget that Aiden can hit barrels to distract the enemies, which allows Jodie to knock them out easily.

Please remember that Jodie cannot be spotted not even once, if you as much as get spotted by a single guard, just return to the main menu and replay the chapter if needed. Once you reach the Somalian kid with the rifle, you are free to return to the main menu anyways and the achievement will unlock.

Chapter: Hunted

Achievement: Catch Me if You Can
Description: Escaped the train without being arrested.

During the Hunted chapter, where Jodie is a fugitive on the run, you’ll be able to escape, avoid or get arrested by the police. In order to unlock the Catch Me if You Can achievement, Jodie must escape the train without being arrested. This is very simple as it can be done in a variety of ways. While Jodie is sleeping, the train will eventually stop at a station where the police will aboard the train looking for her.

You can simply wait for them to aboard or you can hit one of the objects near Jodie to make her look outside the window. Before they get a chance to reach Jodie, you can run away and they’ll chase Jodie. Keep running and fighting until Jodie makes her way to the end of the cargo. Now have Aiden break the window and climb on top of the train, then continue moving ahead while trying to avoid the police officers that are climbing up.

When Jodie gets trapped by the three police officers, you must fight them off successfully and then jump of the train. After jumping off, feel free to either finish the chapter or exit to main menu and the achievement will be unlocked.

Achievement: Aiden’s Apocalypse
Description: Destroyed the gas station, the church, the gun store and the helicopter.

As the description for this achievement suggests, near the end of the chapter you’ll be driving a stolen motorcycle and will be stopped at the bridge by the SWAT members. Cross the bridge with Jodie being protected with Aiden’s shield in order to make it to Bakertown. If you fail to protect Jodie in the bridge, the police will arresat you.

Once you are in the town, Jodie will be shot off her motorcycle, now it’s time to destroy the gas station. After Jodie deals with the gas station, it’s time to destroy the church, the gun store and the helicopter to end the chapter. In order to unlock this achievement, you must carefully interact with everything. Do not go full on rambo mode and try to smash everything in your way, just do what the achievement asks you to, otherwise you’ll fail to do it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on this:

  • To destroy the gas station, which is located in the far upper left, you can use Aiden to remove the fuel hose, and then posses the nearby SWAT member to shoot the fuel. Another way to blow this gas station up is top possess a nearby SWAT member and throw grenade as the fuel containers.
  • To destroy the gun store, fly over to the far right and possess a SWAT member in the vehicle, then have him crash the van into the ‘Hunting Cabin’ gun store.
  • To destroy the church, fly up to the church’s clock tower and interact with it twice to destroy it completely.
  • After destroying everything above, open the door for Jodie, and get her out of the streets. Once the helicopter does a fly by, fly up with Aiden and posses the pilot while crashing it down on everyone else.

After the helicopter is destroyed, the chapter will be completed and this achievement will be unlocked.

Achievement: Houdini
Description: Got arrested three times and escaped each time.

In order to unlock this achievement, you’ll have to get Jodie arrested three times throughout the chapter. There are multiple ways Jodie can be arrested, and each of the arrests lead up to the same escape scenario. Here is the fastest way for unlocking this achievement:

Escape #1:

  • Getting arrested: While on the train, the fastest way to get arrested is to wake Jodie up once the train stops. This will ensure that the police boards up faster, and just simply let Jodie sit there for a minute until the officers get to her.
    * Escaping: When Jodie wakes up, switch to Aiden and posses the police officer, and release Jodie from her handcuffs and knock the police officer out in another room. Return back to Jodie’s room and blast the window with Aiden and jump out of the window.

Escape #2:

  • Getting arrested: After escaping the train, get up and continue running through the forest until dogs attack Jodie, let the dogs win.
    * Escaping: Use Jodie or Aiden to choke the police officer, then open the door with AIden, knock over the other police vehicle and have Jodie steal the motorcycle.

Escape #3:

  • Getting arrested: While riding the stolen motorcycle, a helicopter will start chasing Jodie until you’ve come to a stop with SWAT team blocking the bridge. When crossing the bridge, don’t protect Jodie with Aiden’s shield and Jodie will get shot off her motorcycle, getting her arrested.
    * Escaping: During the arresting scenario, possess the first guard and shoot the driver in the head right away, then escape the vehicle and Aiden will destroy the handcuffs on his own.

Chapter: Homeless

Achievement: Money to Eat
Description: Earned enough money to have some chocolate during dinner.

During the Homeless chapter, Jodie will help Stan with collecting enough money to buy some food. There are multiple ways to do this, and the main goal is to make enough money for some chocolate during dinner. The easiest way to do so is by playing the guitar located across the street, just cross the street and move ahead until you get along the guy that is playing the guitar.

Bonus way: you can make Jodie steal the money from the ATM using Aiden, but I don’t like this approach since you won’t hear Jodie sing, beautiful moment, really.

Achievement: Smart Thief
Description: Deactivated the supermarket’s camera.

You can unlock this achievement by deactivating the camera before Stan enters the supermarket and starts looking for baby supplies for Tuesday’s baby. Stan convinces Jodie that he has no choice but to rob the supermarket for the supplies. Once you reach the entrance, use Aiden to look up at the ceiling and destroy the camera immediately. If you forget to do so, Jodie will make sure that you don’t miss it by mentioning that apparently you missed something. This is a clear indicator that something is wrong, thus providing you with additional help to take care of the camera, should you forget to do so.

Achievement: Miracles
Description: Looked after Tuesday’s baby, healed Jimmy and channeled Stan.

This is a fairly simple achievement, just ask questions about everyone. You can stop eating to look after Tuesday’s baby, heal Jimmy and channel Stan. These three things are required for the achievement, however, it’s important that you do Stan last because if you channel him the scene will be over and you’ll fail to do the stuff with the rest of them. So, the following is required to be done:

  • Use Aiden to heal Jimmy’s pain.
  • Use Aiden to perform a sonogram on Tuesday’s baby.
  • Channel Stan so he can talk to his wife.

Chapter: Navajo

Achievement: Medicine Girl
Description: Successfully performed the entire ritual.

This achievement can be achieved nearing the end of the Navajo chapter, well, quite possibly the longest chapter of the entire game. Once you obtain everything throughout the story itself for the ritual, talk to Shimasani (the grandmother) and she’ll give you the last piece.

Go outside, start a fire and get a stick, draw the correct symbol on the ground. Once Jodie does that, everyone will automatically stand on each of the soul points, and the last soul will be missing. in order to make the 5th soul, switch to Aiden and levitate the last talisman. When the portal opens and the sandstorm entity (Ye’itsoh or whatever the name is) gets sucked in, have Aiden hit the entity into the portal three times. Once the entity is out of the real world, finish the chapter as usual.

Achievement: Not Just Sand
Description: Ran from the sandstorm and took less than 3 hits.

Once Jodie starts being curious about what the Navajo family is afraid of outside, on the 2nd night, ignore their request to stay in the room and head outside the front door. Once outside, go by the stone rock for shelter until you witness an entity coming out of the sandstorm.

During this sequence, the entity will chase Jodie, and you must complete the entire running away sequence without taking more than three hits. This can be tricky, so I’m providing you with the following guide on how to do it correctly:

  • Once Jodie starts running for the first time, press: Up, Down, Up and Right.
  • When Jodie enters the shack, press: Right, Down, Down and Up.
  • At last, when Jodie breaks out of the shack, first shake the entity off, then press: Right, Right, Down, Left and use Aiden to protect Jodie.

Chapter: Dragon’s Hideout

Achievement: Eye for an Eye
Description: Didn’t speak during the interrogation.

This achievement can be easily unlocked during the events of Dragon’s Hideout where Jodie and her companions infiltrate a secret base. Throughout this chapter, Jodie will get flashbacks of her and Ryan getting tortured and interrogated by the captors. During the interrogation sequence, you’ll be given an option to select ‘Talk.’ For this achievement, you don’t want to say anything during the entire interrogation. This results in Jodie being forced to watch as Ryan has his eyeball removed from the socket. After this is done, you can either finish the chapter or simply exit to the main menu and the achievement will be unlocked.

Achievement: Agent 894732
Description: Told the truth during the interrogation.

This achievement is unlocked within the same section as the Eye for an Eye, just this time allow Jodie to talk by choosing the ‘Talk’ option once it starts floating on the screen, providing the information for the captors leaving Ryan unharmed. Again, after the sequence plays out, you can exit to the main menu and get the achievement unlocked that way or by finishing the rest of a lengthy sequence.

Achievement: Almost Too Easy
Description: Went to the containment shield with the General.

This achievement can be unlocked once Jodie and her team infiltrate a secret base. Your main objective is to get to the containment shield by using only the General. Once Jodie and Ryan exit the submarine after the underwater sequence, switch to Aiden and posses the General. Now the General’s soldiers won’t notice Jodie and Ryan in their base. While in possession of the General, make your way to the containment shield and Aiden will be forced out of the General’s body due to the containment shield protecting the other portion of the secret base. After that, you can either finish the chapter and/or quit to the main menu in order to unlock the achievement.

Chapter: Black Sun

Achievement: Chose Afterlife
Description: Entered the infraworld.

After Jodie deactivates the Black Sun in the final chapter, at the very end of the game, you’re given the choice to choose ‘Beyond’ or ‘Life’. To unlock this achievement you must select ‘Beyond’ option to enter the infraworld and then view the endings that follow based off your choices throughout the game.

Achievement: Chose Life
Description: Stayed in reality.

As above-mentioned, just select the ‘Life’ option at the end and go along with the ending of your choice.

Achievement: Convince Dawkins
Description: Helped Dawkins see the truth.

Once Jodie finds Nathan Dawkins searching for his wife and daughter, as Jodie approaches him, you must convince him that you can’t defeat death. In order to do this, simply select the ‘Reason’ option twice in a row during the dialogue options. This makes Nathan see the truth about his wrong doings of his past 15 years and ultimately committing suicide. After that, just continue with the rest of the chapter.

Achievement: Black Sun Down
Description: Deactivated the Black Sun.

This achievement is linked to the story itself and cannot be missed. You’ll get this achievement by completing the Black Sun chapter. However, should Jodie fail during the final mission, being killed by the evil entities for the ‘Infraworld Wins’ ending, then this achievement won’t be unlocked. You must successfully deactivate the Black Sun and view the ending of your choice.

Special Achievements (Single Chapter)

Achievement: The End
Description: One possible reality has been uncovered…

This achievement is story related, and can’t be missed. You’ll unlock this achievement upon completing the game for the first time. It gets unlocked once you view one of the possible endings.

Achievement: Never Alone
Description: Started at least one romance.

This achievement is also very easy to get. You can do this by kissing one of the only two men in the game. You can either make Jodie kiss Jay or Ryan. Jay can be kissed while Jodie is leaving his farm nearing the end of the Navajo chapter, an Ryan can be kissed during The Dinner chapter.

Tricky Achievements (Multiple Chapters)

NOTICE: The achievements listed below require some specific turn of events and choices in order to unlock.

Achievement: Uncontrollable
Description: Took every opportunity to be evil as Aiden.

Multiple Chapters Required: Must be played from The Experiment all the way to the Dinner. You cannot do this by chapter skipping!

For this achievement, you must have Aiden commit six specific evil actions from The Experiment chapter to The Dinner. Below is a list of things Aiden must do:

  • Chapter: The Experiment: Choke Katheleen during the experiment by destroyinga s many of the objects as possible to make her panic and produce the red glow.
  • Chapter: The Embassy: Posses the guard on the 2nd floor and make him commit suicide by jumping over the rail.
  • Chapter: The Party: You must select the ‘Revenge’ option to scare the teens and start a house fire by either using the candles to set the curtains on fire or turning on the stove.
  • Chapter: My Imaginary Friend: While playing with the kids, choke the boy that attacks Jodie.
  • Chapter: Alone: Choke Philip (Jodie’s Fake father) once he leaves the room.
  • Chapter: The Dinner: Ruin Jodie’s date to the point for Ryan to leave Jodie’s apartment.

For as long as you complete the six things listed above, the Uncontrollable achievement will unlock.

Achievement: Entities Master
Description: Was victorious in every battle with the evil entities.

Multiple Chapters Required: Must be played from The Condenser all the way to First Night. You cannot do this by chapter skipping!

During the chapters The Condenser and First Night you’ll have to defeat all the evil entities. To put it simply, in The Condenser chapter you need to shut down the portal successfully while also protecting Jodie. In First Night, protect Jodie from the evil entities once again, and this is where the Entities Master achievement will unlock. Please note that you must not fail any of the encounters in the two chapters.

Achievement: A Better World
Description: Let every possible character die and chose to go with them in the Infraworld.

Multiple Chapters Required: Must be played from Homeless all the way to Black Sun. You cannot do this by chapter skipping!

In order to unlock this achievement, you must let every possible character die. This is also necessary to unlock some of the endings that can only be seen when certain characters die.

Here’s how to kill everyone in each of the chapters:

  • Chapter Homeless:
    – Walter – you can wait for Jodie to collapse or have Jodie interact with the door, then head upstairs to the 2nd floor to leave him to burn.
    – Jimmy – While on the 2nd floor, you can wait until Jodie collapses or knockdown the door, ignore Jimmy and proceed out the window to save Tuesday.
  • Chapter Navajo:
    – Paul – When you return to the ranch, ignore Paul and complete the ritual, DO NOT HEAL HIM!
  • Chpter Norah:
    – Norah – Use Aiden to stop Norah’s heart.
  • Chapter The Black Sun:
    – Cole – When Cole is attacked by the evil entities, have Jodie leave him behind and get on the elevator. An alternative way is to fail the QTE when running to the door.
    – Ryan – Find Nathan inside the Black Sun, then get him to shoot Jodie choosing the ‘Blame’ and ‘Cold’ options, and do nothing while Ryan automatically saves Jodie, in the end dying by sacrificing his own life to safe Jodie’s.

Achievement: Together Till the End
Description: Finished the game in Duo mode.

As the description suggests, you must complete the game in the duo/co-op mode. Make sure to set the difficulty level for both players to ‘I play video games often’ and assign the keyboard and mouse to Jodie, while assigning the controller to Aiden.

WARNING: If you do not own a controller, I’m not sure if it’s possible to unlock this achievement as you must complete the game in duo mode. You must assign a controller to the second player.

Achievement: Saved All
Description: Saved every character that could be saved.

Once again, a self explanatory achievement. Save all the characters in the game, and here’s how:

  • Chapter Homeless:
    – Walter – Use Aiden to bust the door down.
    – Jimmy – Use Aiden to posses him and jump across to safety.
  • Chapter Navajo:
    – Paul – Upon returning to the ranch, enter his room and heal his wound using Aiden.
  • Chapter Norah:
    – Norah – Just leave the room after interaction.
  • Chapter The Black Sun:
    – Cole – When Cole gets attacked, have Jodie save his life by carrying him, then have Aiden heal his wound.
    – Ryan – Find Nathan inside the Black Sun and convince him to see the truth or have Aiden kill him if Jodie gets shot. Both of these options will prevent Ryan from dying.


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