Bases Schedule in Stay Out

This guide shows you bases schedule and its explanation.


The battle for the base lasts for one hour from the start of the capture. To capture the base, you must simultaneously capture all the flags under one grouping. To protect the base, it is necessary to stop capturing all flags under one grouping until the end of the capture.

  • Mental hospital Lubech’s OutLands Е6-4 Saturday 19:00
  • Sawmill Lubech’s OutLands З2-4 Saturday 19:00
  • Sanatorium Lubech’s OutLands Н4-3 Saturday 19:00
  • Hill village Lubech’s OutLands К12-2 Saturday 19:00
  • Chemical burial ground Lubech’s OutLands Н14-4 Saturday 19:00
  • Tunguska Е4-1 Saturday 19:00

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