Barotrauma How to Get All Spawnitem List (Console Commands)

Barotrauma How to Get All Spawnitem List (Console Commands)

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Barotrauma How to Get All Spawnitem List (Console Commands). While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

How to Get All Spawnitem List

The parameter is simply the name of the item. If the name consists of multiple words, you must put it in quotes (e.g. spawnitem “Fuel Rod”).

You can autocomplete and toggle through item names with tab.

So for example, you could type in “spawnitem fue”, press tab and it’d be autocompleted to spawnitem “Fuel Rod”.

You can also do the command itemlist in the console to get all spawnable items.

All Console Commands

The console can be opened or closed by pressing F3. While its main use is to get around bugs, it can also be used to cheat or set up interesting situations.

control [name]Assume control of a character/creature. Some creatures can attack by pressing the R key.
debugdrawToggles the “debug draw” mode.
disablecrewaiDeactivates the crew AI in single player, making the crew inactive unless directly controlled.
editmap, editSwitches to map editing mode.
enablecrewaiActivates or reactivates the crew AI in single player.
editwater, waterAllows adding water into rooms or removing it by holding the left or right mouse buttons.
fixitemsSets the condition of all items in the map to 100.0.
fixwallsFixes all damaged or broken walls.
fireAllows creation of fires by left clicking.
freecamera, freecamStops the camera from being locked to the controlled character and allows it to be moved freely.
gamescreen, gameSwitches to the game screen.
godmodeMakes the submarine invulnerable.
healFully restores the specified character (or the controlled character if none is specified) to full health.
killcreaturesInstantly kills all creatures in the map.
lightingenabled, lights, lightToggles lighting effects on/off.
loadmap [name]Loads the specified map.
losenabled, losToggles the line of sight effect on/off. This can be used to reduce lag.
mainmenu, menuSwitches to main menu.
oxygenReplenishes oxygen in all rooms to 100.0.
revive [name]Resurrect the specified character (or the controlled character if none is specified), bringing them back from the dead.
savemap [name]Saves the map that is currently loaded with the specified filename.
spawnitem [itemname] [cursor/inventory]Spawns an item at either the cursor or the inventory, or at a random spawnpoint if parameter 2 is blank.
spawn [creaturename] [near/inside/outside/cursor]Spawns a character/creature near, inside or outside the sub. Name must be the same as the name of the folder where the characters configuration file is located (“human”/”tigerthresher”/”moloch” etc).
teleport [charactername]Teleports the specified character (or the currently controlled character if parameter 1 is blank) to the position of the cursor.

This is the ending of Barotrauma How to Get All Spawnitem List (Console Commands) guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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