BarnFinders – How to Cheat (Money, Resources, Etc.)

A quick guide to cheating your save file to give yourself resources, money, etc. in BarnFinders.
This guide is accurate as of version 15823 (2020_06_10).

How to Cheat (Money, Resources, Etc.)?

Editing your save file

On Windows, the save file can be found at:

Substitute C:\ for whatever drive if you have your settings saved to a separate drive.

You can get here quick by pressing WIN+R to open the run command, typing %appdata%, then going back one folder to find the Local folder.

In this folder, your save will be whatever your profile is in the game. If you have one profile, and it’s the default, you’ll want to edit Player0.sav.

You can open it with Notepad++, or similar programs, but the file itself is encrypted. You’ll be able to find the Money variable, but you won’t be able to change it. You can use a website like Save Editor Online to upload the file, which breaks it down into a readable (and editable) format, and then download the edited version. You can find it here: (Disclaimer: This is not my site, I link to it for reference. Use at your own risk).

Save the file, overwrite it in the above directory, open the game, and you’ll have whatever you’ve changed. You can also change the number of resources, such as wood, using the same method.

By CrazyCanuckJ

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