Baldur’s Gate 3 – Creating Character Guide: Materials (Skill, Race, and More)

This is creating character guide: materials (skill, race, and more) for Baldur’s Gate 3.

Character Guide


  • Gymnastics (escape from balance)
  • Taming animals (animal trust)
  • Sports (jumping and swimming)
  • History (name items)
  • Insight (seeing through lies)
  • Intimidation (verbal persecution)
  • Perception (abnormal perception)
  • Survival (tracking for food)
  • deceiving (fraud and coaxing)
  • performance (musical instrument entertainment)
  • skillful hands (pickpocketing unlocking)
  • concealment (silent stealth)
  • mystery (magic interaction)
  • investigation (deduction extraction)
  • nature (rhythm of animals and plants)
  • religion (knowledge of gods)
  • medicine (Wound disease)
  • Lobbying (persuade order)

The proficiency options available for each profession are as follows:

  • Pastor 2: History, Insight, Medicine, Lobbying, Religious
  • Warrior 2: Gymnastics, Animal Training, Sports, History, Insight, Intimidation, Detection, Survival
  • Ranger 3: Animal training, movement, insight, investigation, nature, awareness, concealment, survival
  • Rogue 4: Gymnastics, sports, deception, insight, intimidation, investigation, detection, performance, lobbying, dexterity, concealed
  • sorcery 2: Arcane, deception, history, intimidation, investigation, nature, religion
  • Mage 2: Arcane, History, insight, investigation, medicine, religion

[Born background] (bring 2 skilled):

  • Nobles (historical lobbying)
  • Hermits (religious medicine)
  • Transforming aliens (movement survival)
  • Wise men (mysterious history)
  • Sailors (movement awareness)
  • Soldiers (movements) intimidation)
  • Vagrant (hands to hide)
  • Acolytes (religious insights)
  • Liars (hands to deceive)
  • Criminals (concealed to deceive)
  • Entertainers (gymnastics)
  • Civilian heroes (taming animals to survive)
  • Guild craftsmen (insight into lobbying)

Race: Main Race and Its Sub-Races

  • Elves (perceive, elven blood has charm resistance and can’t hypnotize, dark vision 12m, agility 2, long and short sword proficiency is proficiency bonus added to attack hit dice, long and short bow)
    • high elf (base speed is walking 9 meters, 1 trick, intelligence 1)
    • Wood Elf (10.5 meters walking with light pace, concealment, perception 1)
  • Drow (base speed, elven blood, agility 2, charm 1, advanced dark vision 24m, thin dagger, Hand crossbow, magic dance and light art will illuminate 12m)
    • Ross oath drowCelderyn drow
  • Half-elf (elven blood, dark vision, charm 2, attribute 2)
    • Higher half-elf (base speed, 1 trick )
    • Half-wood Elf (quick pace, hidden)
    • Drow half-elf (base speed, magic dance light technique)
  • Human (base speed, all attributes +1)
  • Githyanki (base speed, intelligence 1, strength 2, light medium armor, proficiency, that is, no penalty And to prevent spellcasting, short long sword, hand of the magician 18m)
  • Tifflin (burn damage halved, dark vision)
    • Tifflin of Asmontis (base speed, intelligence 1, charisma 2, magic thaumaturgy That is, the intimidation performance bonus)
    • Mephiste’s Tifflin (base speed, intelligence 1, charisma 2, the hand of the magician)
    • Zaril’s Tifflin (base speed, strength 1, charisma 2, magic trick Surgery)
  • Dwarf (Poison Resistance, Dark Vision, Constitution 2, Battle Axe, Light Warhammer)
    • Golden Dwarf (Life limit 1 and upgrade plus 1, walk 7.5 meters, Wisdom 1)
    • Shield dwarf (walk 7.5 meters, strength 2, Light Medium Armor)
  • Halflings (Fortunately, re-roll on attack attribute saving roll 1, Dexterity 2)
    • Light-footed halflings (hidden, walking 7.5 meters, charm 1)
    • Strong heart halflings (poison resistance, walking 7.5 meters, physical fitness 1)


  • Warrior (Proficiency bonus on physical exemptions means proficiency is added to exemptions, light, medium and heavy armor, shields, simple weapons, military weapons, reward action returns 1d10+1 life per day, life 12)
  • Ranger (Minzhi exempt proficiency, long thin short sword, hand crossbow, simple weapon, light armor, life 10)
  • Range (Li Min exempt proficiency, light medium armor, shield, simple weapon, military weapon, life 12, choice 1 Rivalry, 1 Nature Explorer)


  • Bounty Hunter (investigation, thieves, black talk, bondage bonus)
  • Veil Guardian (Arcane, Protection from Good and Evil, Hunting Outside Creatures)
  • Mage Destroyer (Arcane, 1 Wisdom Trick, Against the Caster)
  • Ranger Knight (History, Heavy Armor, Allegiance to the Royal Family)
  • Sacred Stalker (Religion, 1 Priest or Druid perception attribute trick)

Nature Explorer:

  • Beast tamer (obtaining familiar ritual)
  • City tracker (using disguise rogue tool)
  • Ruins wanderer: cold (ice resistance, frostbite halved)
  • Wasteland roaming player: flame (fire resistance, fire damage halved)
  • Wasteland rover: toxin (poison resistance, poison damage halved)
  • Mage (unlocking the spell slot will get two spell slots of 1st level with long rest recovery, wisdom save, dagger , darts, slings, long sticks, light crossbows, 8 hp) (3 tricks, 6 spells, 4 preparatory spells are spells that need to be prepared in advance)
  • Witchcrafter (witchcrafter’s spell slot is unlocked, which means short rest charge and it is always the spell slot with the highest available level, charm save, light armor, simple weapon, health value 10) (2 tricks, 2 spells)
  • Evil (blessing of the son of darkness is to kill people and return blood?)
  • The old ruler (none)
  • Priest (spell slot unlocking means 2 1st level spell slots with long rest recovery, charm save, light medium armor, shield, simple weapon, health value 10) (3 tricks, 4 preparatory spells, optional 8 spells and unlock 2 a 1st level spell slot)
  • Life domain (heavy armor, healing increases by 2 + spell level, the spell domain is to comprehend spells and is always in a ready state) (blessing, healing)
  • Light domain (defense flash means 1 enemy hit, spell domain) (burning hand, demon fire, magic light, healing, blessing)
  • tricky domain (spell domain) (charming humans, self-disguise, action trick blessing, blessing, healing)

Divine choice:

  • Shar ( God of darkness, night, secret)
  • Tempus (Lord of War, Glory War)
  • Tyr (God of Blindness, Justice of Law, Pursuit of Oaths)
  • Ban (Hate, Fear, Violence)
  • Haim (Watcher, Guardian of the Plane)
  • Mirko (Death, Necromancer)
  • Irmat (the crying god, protects the oppressed and persecuted)
  • Mystra (the Madonna of the Dharma, the supervision of the magic net)
  • Ogma (the god of inspiration and invention, the bard)
  • Kailanvo (extradition) Soul, annihilation of immortality)
  • Baal (God of Murder)
  • Moradin (God of Dwarves, Blacksmiths, Craftsmen, Miners)
  • Corylon Larethian (God of Elves, Art, Magic)
  • Gal Flash Gold (God of Gnomes, Gems, Protection , Tricky ) Yodara (God of Halflings
  • , Mercy)
  • Rose (God of Drow, Spider,
  • Underworld, Devil’s Web Abyss) Radug (God of Gray Dwarves, Atrocities)
  • Velakis (Lich Queen, Blind faith) Elistra (
  • beauty, song, freedom)
  • Serene (Silver Madonna, moon, stars, navigation)

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