Baldr Sky – Weapons Walkthrough – Achievements

Baldr Sky is eye-cathing for SD Gundam’s lover. Attacking, weapons are so impressive for 2D game lovers. So I want to show weapons in Baldr Sky. Let’s take a look:

Equipment Menu: Weapons

To swap out weapons, simply click on the one you want to use, then click on the slot you want to put it in. This will exchange the two slots. You can also use this method to swap between the equipment list and your current weapons.

Equipment Menu will let you change the weapon you have equipped. At the bottom of the screen, see the weapons you have currently equipped to the three available buttons.

Body Blow

A punch straight to the target’s stomach. Short reach, but its speed is unmatched among CQC-based attacks.


Low Kick

A kick aimed at the target’s shin. Can connect with downed targets, upon which it brings them back to their feet.

Beam Sword

Unleashes a horizontal swipe from your beam sword. Ideal for use when surrounded due to its horizontal reach.


Fires off a round from your handgun, or multiple when the attack button is held down. Low damage, but can be used while moving with no slowdown.

Spread Bomb

Launches energy rounds forward, which explode after making contact with something or a set amount of time passes. The shockwave can deflect enemy projectiles, making it useful for defense.

Hand Grenade

Throws a grenade that explodes soon after. The shockwave is surprisingly large, making it easy to hit multiple enemies. Good for keeping enemies at bay and for follow-up attacks.

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