Baldr Sky – How To Attack – Guide

Baldr Sky will offer various helpful hints to explain new elements that are unlocked as you progress. You can review any advice you’ve already obtained from the Help Menu, i.e., how to attack.

How To Attack Enemy?

Attacks can be performed through the A, B, and C buttons by pressing a certain button. You can unleash an attack mapped to it. Be sure that all your attacks hit their mark.

Attacks can be changed through the equşpment menu.

Health Gauges For Attacking

Health gauges display each simulacrum’s remaining health.

Your own health is displayed on the left:

Enemy’s health is on the right:

Health is depleted whenever an attack connects. The amount depends on the damage done:

You can destroy an enemy simulacrum by reducing its health to zero.

Different colors are used to represent multiple bars of health on a single unit:

Heat Gauge

The heat gauge represents the heat accumulated through each attack.

By attacking… the meter will increase based on the type of attack. You can attack continuously until the gauge fills up:

Attacking is no longer possible once the gauge has been maxed out like this.

The accumulated heat will disperse after a set amount of time without attacking.

Attacking is not possible while the gauge depletes. Be sure to distance yourself from your opponents during this time.

Attack Types

Take note of the ring surrounding your simulacrum. If you attack while an enemy is within it.

You will perform a close-range attack. Punches and kicks are most effective here.

Should you attack while they are outside the ring:

You will perform a long-range attack. Firearms and the like are most effective here:

Equipping an attack that allows you to close the gap between yourself and the enemy is also a valid strategy:

If you attack while dashing, you will perform a dash attack:


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