Back 4 Blood – The Best Tips for Logistic Support Build

This shows the best tips for logistic support build in Back 4 Blood.

The Best Tips for Logistic Support Build

Core Cards Overview

The core of this build focuses on copper support and revive, consist of 9 cards, which gives 6 cards of flexibility for other variant builds. Note that Rousing Speech card disables offense accessories i.e. grenades. If you are not comfortable with that you can change that card to Fire In The Hole!

Talk to your teammate, make sure they let you do all the revive while you are alive.

The card Experienced EMT gives 20% max HP to your healing target. At the beginning of each map, give each of your teammates including yourself a bandage or painkiller. Shoot them and apologize if they have full health.

The copper card has to be the first two cards. Rest of the cards their order are not fixed, the images only showed my personal preference. Feel free to adjust the order based on your judgement and preference.

Mobility Focused Variant (for Evangelo) – Top Choice

This build provies 28% speed, with his 5% team card, and a gun with 10% stock (I remember purple stock gives 15% speed), you have 43% movement speed. That outrun every enemy with walking and easily sprint outrun long arm’s charging attack and stinger’s ranged attack. I was able to solo last mission of Act 3 with this build.

You can change Field Surgeon & Charitable Soul to Hellfire & Dash (or Mad Dash if you are confident with your control of stamina) for extra movement speed if your team doesn’t need a healer(not recommended though cuz a team could always use a healer).

Feel free to change Superior Cardio to Medical Professional, sacrifice stamina for team trauma heal.

Tips for Evangelo

  • Sniper (better) or shotgun main with pistol sidearm, or, automatic main with Magnum or Deagle.
  • Fully utilize Evangelo’s break out ability: when you see a Crusher and the ability is ready, run towards it, let it grabs you then escape. Make life lots easier for your team DPS
  • Regular zombies are your worst enemies. If they get close they’ll slow you down and your speed won’t be able to help you. Don’t go to dangerous places by yourself.
  • Follow your team DPS, heal them when needed, only kill for self defense, snipe mutants especially Stingers when you are relatively safe.
  • When more than 1 member of the team are downed, lead the enemies away if the terrain allows it, then run back to revive.
  • If you trust your skill, you can try bait mutants or Breaker to attack as long as there’re not many regular zombies around, you can dodge easily with your speed.

Healing Focused Variant (for Doc) – 2nd Choice

Doc doesn’t need speed and stamina as much as Evangelo since she won’t be running a lot, and need a escape card for herself. The disadvantage is made up solely by her team card, 25% team trauma resistance, imo the most useful team effect. Choosing Doc means more burden for the rest of your team to carry, or putting more trust in your team DPS (sounds better).

Tips for Doc

  • Same as Evangelo, sniper (better) or shotgun main with pistol sidearm, or, automatic main with Magnum or Deagle
  • Regular zombies are still your worst enemies, but need to be careful with mutants now, since you won’t be able to dodge as easily as Evangelo
  • Follow your team DPS, heal them when needed, only kill for self defense, snipe mutants especially Stingers when you are relatively safe.

Copper Cards

Money Grubbers is better than most copper cards, it can get you over a thousand copper per level. Say you find 20 pile of copper every map(which should be very easy if you looked), you get (20×21/2)x3=630 extra coppers. (20×21/2) is number of stacks, 3 is copper per stack.

And each additional pile you found gives you hundreds more copper when you stacked high, that’s where Copper Scavenger comes in.

Here’re some more data:

Starting from the 23th pile, these 2 cards earns you more than every other copper cards in the game, and this really add some satisfaction every time you pick up a pile of copper

Other DPS Varient (Highly Not Recommended)

No need Evangelo or Doc for this variant, you have 6 cards to up your DPS, do whatever you want.

It’s not recommended it’s best for everyone to do what their do best, DPS forcus on DPS, support focus on support. If you have to play a support DPS then your team is missing a field healer, which make the core DPS harder to do their job, and there’s no guarantee your half dps build can make up for the lost combat efficiency. Not to mention you risk getting yourself downed, missing a instant reviver may proven fatal.

Just remember to stick with long range and not get in the way of core DPS of the team. Sniper is most recommended here.

by S.C.P.D

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