Back 4 Blood – How to Fix Fullscreen

A guide on how to fix fullscreen in Back 4 Blood.

How to Fix Fullscreen

Currently, the game only has Borderless Fullscreen and Windowed mode. If you’d like Exclusive Fullscreen you can follow these steps.

Navigate to the config
Head over to the GameUserSettings.ini config located in:


Alternatively, you can type %localappdata% as a run cmd or path destination.

Open GameUserSettings.ini with a text editor and change these lines to = 0 :

  • FullscreenMode=1
  • LastConfirmedFullscreenMode=1
  • PreferredFullscreenMode=1

Save it and you’re all done!

On exclusive fullscreen mode the game stops loading when it’s not in-focus. Try not to Alt-Tab during loading screens. Game freezes may happen.

You can also change this line StaticResolutionScale= to scale the in-game resolution to whatever you want.

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