Back 4 Blood Beta – How to Find Capybaras

A guide on how to find capybaras (a cohesive guide) in Back 4 Blood Beta.

How to Find Capybaras

Act 1 (Beta)

I have thoroughly searched the entirety of act 1, and, currently, I have not seen any capybaras.

One place I really, really expected to find a capybara was just outside the safehouse of map 2, near the cabbages or, maybe in a shack.

Capybaras spotted : 0

Capybara correlation to the campaign/story : unknown (although I am suspecting that “Hope-1” or, the general might have known someone who, at some point, owned a capybara)


The people have spoken! Turtle Rock and their overlord WB MUST add capybaras to the game! The game is already bad, I can’t find any lobbies committed to finishing one map, and my search for the capybara has been hindered, the devs have sabotaged matchmaking, and the difficulty of the game so I cannot progress in my search for the capybara!

Jokes aside, this game is just trash. It feels like I’m playtesting a game before it is shipped off to streamers to play the game for 2 hours on a closed alpha version, but no, this is beta. The characters feel lifeless (except for Hoffman), the difficulty gap from survivor to veteran (easy – normal) is just insane. Survivor spawns, like, 2 special infected a map and veteran has 3 at every corner. Missions go from being easily finished in 5 minutes to 20. The only good thing about this game is the gun handling.

The only things you get from supply boxes are bandages and pill bottles, no medkits, no defibs, and you barely get ANY ammo. I went back to L4D2 and played a bit and just realized how much of a godsend ammo stashes are, and how common medkits are. And, through the course of a run, your max health will go down from 100/110/115 to 40 just blows me away.

They should be ashamed to put “FROM THE CREATORS OF LEFT 4 DEAD” in the title.

By Ma-ta

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