Azur Lane: Crosswave – How to Mod

A quick guide on how to mod will be shown the following:

How to Mod?

If you wanna mod this game or just wanna have the models then I will tell you ONLY the location of the models:


First of all, you need “unmodel”. Just type in google unmodel and download it for those who don’t have unmodel.


Then put the data from unmodel in the location were Azur Lane installed is like this: Steam\steamapps\common\Azur Lane Crosswave\Azurlane\Content\Paks


Use unmodel and select unreal engine 4 versions .21 you don’t need a decryption key.


The models located under GAME => BATTLE => CHARACTERS. Just export the model you want as a GTIF 2.0 data (noesis compatible if you don’t have noesis just sear it in google its a freeware and can read a ton of model data like OBJ, FBX ETC. I recommend exporting the GTIF data to a FBX because you will have different MESCHES and in-game ARMATURE


Here is an example the ch026 is the DLC chara NEPTUNE (4th cutiest waifu of idea factory and compile heart).

by Akuma

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