Azur Lane: Crosswave – Guide to PC Keyboard

This guide of Azur Lane: Crosswave will help to the one-to-one correspondence of keybindings on PC Keyboard.

PC Keyboard


  • 9 Num: Automatically
  • 3 Num: Skip
  • I: Text history
  • Right mouse key: Hide text window
  • Left mouse key & Enter: Next


  • I: Menu
  • K & Backspace: Zoom
  • Enter: Confirm

Map Menu

  • I: Change secretary
  • O & Left mousekey: Secretary Communication
  • Backspace & Right mousekey: Return to map

Map Menu Dock

  • O: Ship selection
  • I: Divide into categories


  • I: Auto-attack
  • K: Evade an attack, Sprint
  • O & Space bar: Left attack
  • L: Right attack
  • Left mouse key: Standard attack
  • Right mouse key: Stronger standard attack

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