Azur Lane: Crosswave – Guide to All Achievements and List

This guide will help on all achievements and their list in Azur Lane: Crosswave.

General Achievement Guide

The Greatest Results of Battle:

Play any battle within 120 minutes and without one of your ships getting defeated. Very easy to do.

Prologue Complete:

Complete the prologue of the game.

Chapter 1 Complete – Final Chapter Complete:

Play the game until the end.

Skinship is Necessary:

In the menu, press O to interact with your secretaryship.

It’s an Allowance from Home:

Go to the dock, select a ship, and select one of the items it has. Select Change and replace it with anything else.

I’ll Work My Hardest:

Press Ctrl in the menu and select any ship other than Shimakaze.

Taking Up the Post!:

Using A-Points, recruit any ship from the dock.

You’re Doing Well, Nya!:

Visit Akashi’s shop in the Shop section of the menu.

Not as Good as Sis, But…:

Complete a battle with an A rank. This means that you fail one of the three criteria for an S rank. Try to defeat one of your ships in battle.

A Mighty Warrior!:

Sink 100 ships. (I don’t actually know the exact number, but it shouldn’t be 1000)

We Also Have Discounts…:

Visit Shiranui’s shop in the Shop section of the menu.

Pledge to the Rose Goddess:

As you interact more with your ships, they will start taking a liking to you. You can see this status in their individual tabs in the Dock. Once they start to love you, you will be able to make a pledge to them.

Aim for 100 Points!:

Once you get your first skill book, go to the Dock, select one of your ships and then their skills, and press Strengthen.

Where are the Other Achievements?

I haven’t finished the game yet and I also haven’t gotten all the achievements yet. So, I really have no idea how to get the other achievements aside from the ones that are self-explanatory. If anyone would like to tell me in the comments below, I’d be happy to add them to the guide.

by Lt. Things

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