Avorion – How to Build Good Ships (Armor, Block, Wall)

This guide will help you on how to build good ships (armor, block, wall, function etc.) in Avorion.

How to Build Good Ships?

  • It doesn’t matter where I put a block. For example, an engine or thruster can be placed inside the ship, completely enclosed by hull/armor. The function is still fully available.
  • How much power an engine can produce does not depend on the number of engines, but only on their size.
  • As far as I know, there is no penetration. Each block has a health value dependent on its volume, and once that value is 0 the block is destroyed, exposing anything underneath.
  • In order to protect the ship as best as possible, I should build functional blocks inside, then enclose them with a hull, and this hull with an armor? Does the thickness or the ratio between armor and hull play a role?
  • The side panel in the building mode gives all the information you need, I believe the newer updates nested it so you might need to check some boxes somewhere to see it. Do note that there is no downside to placing a block to see what effect it will have, everything can be refunded for 100% of the cost at any time.
  • The untrained crew will remain an untrained crew. The benefit is that they can be assigned where you need them when you need them. The downside is that they aren’t as good as the specialised crew that can’t be used everywhere. I generally have a few inactive, untrained crew for emergencies.

by Crank

Block Types

For the most part, everything has been covered except that some block types such as cargo holds are less effective when not merged into large singular blocks. Armour as well you need larger preferably at least slightly thick blocks of as anything not outright destroyed will passively repair for free, saves potentially millions in repair bills. Also always bring spare crew as you can get up to a 30% bonus to repair speed and anything and everything engineers do.

by Mad


  • Armor is stronger then Hull, when comes to HP, in return it is heavier
  • Armor helps in protecting against some weapon types, as railgun (railguns are able to penetrate more than one block in line of fire)
  • Armor is able to take more collision damage before it is destroyed, so if you plan to ram other ships, get a big block of armor at the front of your ship

by Diablopower

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