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Hi, gamers; I love to play, especially to analyze, games. Therefore, I decided to build this website containing games, guides, walkthroughs, achievements, tips, cheats. I want all of you to share my advice and posts containing guides, tips, and walkthroughs. Do not hesitate if you have a question, comment on the posts!

Supraland Six Inches Under – Big Lava Room Tips

This shows tips for big lava room in Supraland Six Inches Under. Big Lava Room Tips After beach, and baron’s secret hideout with the jump pad. Is the lava jumping trick with purple blocks from the “videos” section required? Is there any…

Chorus – PC Cheats (Trainer)

This shows how to cheat (trainer) Chorus. All cheats 100% works and no virus! PC Cheats (Trainer) Num 1 – Infinite Health Num 2 – Infinite Shield Num 3 – Infinite Energy Num 4 – Gatling Gun No Overheat Num…