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Hi, gamers; I love to play, especially to analyze, games. Therefore, I decided to build this website containing games, guides, walkthroughs, achievements, tips, cheats. I want all of you to share my advice and posts containing guides, tips, and walkthroughs. Do not hesitate if you have a question, comment on the posts!

My Time at Sandrock – How to Cheat (Free)

This shows how to cheat (free) My Time at Sandrock. How to Cheat (Free) Options: 1. Unlimited Health 2. Unlimited Endurance 3. Unlimited Stamina 4. Unlimited Water Storage 5. Unlimited Fuel 6. Instant Machine Work 7. Freeze Time 8. Unlimited…

Arma Reforger – How to Rebind Mouse

A guide on how to rebind your mouse in Arma Reforger. How to Rebind Mouse Fiddling with the Files Hello there Lets get into it. The file that holds the keybinds is .chimeraUserInput.conf it usually lives in a folder like…