ATOM RPG Trudograd – 100% Achievement (Atomic Soda, Baby Eater, Etc.)

This is a 100% achievement guide containing Fresh Prince of Trudograd, An Old Friend Mysterious Knife, Atomic Soda, Baby Eater, Power of Simplicity, Goose Sacrifice in ATOM RPG Trudograd.

100% Achievement Guide

Fresh Prince of Trudograd

“The city welcomes you!”

All you have to do is create character and begin your adventure in Trudogard!

An Old Friend

“Your car from the Central Wasteland stands in the outskirts of Trudograd.”

After leaving the hotel go to the parking lot and click on your car. Achievement will pop up.

Mysterious Knife

“You solved the riddle of the stalker Igor knife.”

1.Go to marketplace in Trudogard Outskirts and buy Igors knife from Stalker merchant.

2.Go to Scrap Quarter and buy Stalker Igors Book from trader Nariyana ( standing near fire barrel ). Read it then u have to pass 1 of 4 available checks after that u will get notebook and few joints. Read it, instead name of stalker there will be numbers ( code ) . Use the Igors knife and put code on lock. You got another Achievement.

Atomic Soda

“You bought a glass of every Atom agent favorite drink!”

1. Go to marketplace in Trudogard Outskirts and buy Coin from Stalker merchant.

2. Go to Mikhalich Tavern, find Fizzy drink dispenser equip Coin and click on dispenser. Poof! You got Achievement.

Baby Eater

“Yes, you really did eat a child. Or, at least, somebody thinks that you did…”

You need to fulfill some requirements:

  • Strength less 5
  • Dexterity over 7

1. Heading to main gate in Trudogard Outskirts you will stumble on women holding the baby. Talk to her and offer help. Go to Scrap Quarters and find chimney-sweeper. He stands near fire barrel talk with him ( u dont have pass any checks just go through conversation. Head back to the women and accus her of being insane. Choose Strength check you need to fail it then Dexterity to take “baby” fast from her. Boom you just eat new born Turnip!

Power of Simplicity

“You had faith in your luck and stood by your words..!”

You need to fulfill some requirements:

  • Intelligence below 5
  • Luck over 6

This Achievement is connected to quest Sins of the Past given by a pimp in the Hotel where you started your journey. Follow this quest until you end up in one of the flat in Mikhalich Tavern area witnessing two kneeling guys surrounded by a group of armed people. Enter the flat go on with coversation, do not agree for execution, choose line with Vigilante, offer 100 Rubles, pass Luck check. Witness some crazy ♥♥♥♥!

Goose Sacrifice

“You actively and successfully use your Luck. The goose death wasn’t in vain!”

You need to fulfill some requirements:

  • Lockpicking over 99
  • Personality over 7
  • Attention over 5

To obtain this Achievement u need to do few quest:

1. On the Praking Lot in Trudogard Outskirts help some felow opens his car. By using Lock Picking Skill then use Attention to spot an amulet, use Personality to ask for it, then deny it.

2. In this same location in close to minefield u can meet oldman with broken radio. Help him to rapair useing your Luck. Im not sure this is necessary quest but i done it before.

3. Go to Kolotuskin Street, find Hexogen talk with him and exit flat u will meet Pencil accept his quest Comb, Feathers and Three Smoking Barrels go through mission until get to your final destination. Talk with Drag Queen Thug Boss, choose Tiny Luck option. You got it!

By Todd_Scamward

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