Astellia Online – Guide for Astel

It is guide containing astel card, mage, deck effect, skill, Eligos, Gracier for the newly released Astellia Online.

Guide for Astel

Astel Card

Astels are kinda summonsed, everyone can use them. Most of them you will get from quests, some of them from dungeons only. Each dungeon boss always drops Astel Card. Astels you can get also from events or daily quests.

Astellia Online - Guide for Astel


All Astels for their own statistics and skills. We have a few kinds of Astels: tanks, mages, archers, healers, melee, and support. Astel is always scaling to your attributes, it means if you are mage better to use are mage Astels.

Astellia Online - Guide for Astel

Deck Effect

Astels got also “deck effect”, it means that if you will put all Astels shown in the description of the deck to your action bar, your character will have additional buff – works as a passive skill

Astellia Online - Guide for Astel

But this is not everything, each Astel gives some point to 3 different decks, you can check it buy moving coursor on Astel icon. You_nmst have 9 points to have deck effect level 1.

Also, you can see duff from decks:


Every Astel got 1 special skill, which you need to activate, one auto-attack skill, which they use on their own. Some Astels got Co-op skill, which they use when you cast skill marked in the description

Some Astels do not have co-op skills, but they have for example 2 auto-attack skills.

Astel Points

To summon Astel you need AP – Astel Points – yellow bar under mana bar. Normally we can have summoned one Astel, but there are buffs or potions or deck effect which allows keeping 2 or 3 Astels at once. Three is the max number.

When your yellow bar will drop to 0 – Astel you can not maintain will disappeared.


Glacier is very powerful Astel – very good for some legendary dungeons cause she can freeze enemies

Astel also got levels – they get exp when they are summoned (the most part), also if you have them on the action bar.


Now I show you Eligos – this is time-limited Astel, it means they you don’t pay AP for keeping him summoned, he will disappear after 45s and he has cd 20 minutes. There is one more such Astel called Braga. Those 2 Astels you can get only from the drop or token rewards. They do a lot of dmg.

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