Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Legendary Endgame Weapon Locations (Spear, Bow, and More)

This guide show the best endgame weapon locations (spear, bow, and more) in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Best Endgame Weapon Locations

Gungnir (Mythical Spear)

  • Atk 133
  • Spd 50
  • Stun 160
  • Crit-Pre 113
  • Wgt 13

The Spear’s reach is extended by a force field.

A legendary spear once wielded by Odin himself. It is said that this fine weapon never missed its mark.

How to Locate?

Press “Atlas” button on left side (on map) and select Norway. Then go over here:

Find it in Goinnhellir (cave).

Arc of Elan (Mythical Hunter Bow)

  • Atk 124
  • Spd 42
  • Stun 149
  • Crit-Pre 110
  • Hd-Shot 97
  • Wgt 11

Each Successive Hit temporarily increases Ability Damage (up to 10 Times!)

A gift from Birstan. One of his prized bows, he had it made to precise specifications to bring down fleet prey.

With this bow, use Focus of the Nornir ability.

How to Locate?

You can find it in Essexe:

Kopis (Mythical Dagger)

  • Atk 114
  • Stun 150
  • Spd 81
  • Crit-Pre 113

Restore a low amount of Health for each Critical Hit.

A blade from an earlier era. Thin, sharp, and curved in a manner to bite more deeply into flesh.

  • Restore a low amount of Health for each Critical Hit
  • Health Amount: 10%

How to Locate?

It is located in Suthscxe:

Finish the story there and receive the letter from your friend.

Blodwulf (Mythical Light Shield)

  • Atk 118
  • Spd 50
  • Block 148
  • Stun 179
  • Crit-Pre 89
  • Wgt 10

Chance to ignite your weapon on parry.

Soma of Grantebridge took this shield as a prize the first time she captured the city. Given to Eivor as a gift.

  • Chance to ignite your weapon on parry
  • Chance: 33%
  • Duration: 5s
  • Cooldown: 15s

How to Locate?

Finish the whole story. Then you will reach 340 power. Finally, you can find it in Hamcunscire:

Hemming’s Axe (Mythical Dane Axe)

  • Increase Heavy Damage when low Health
  • Health Threshold: 50%
  • Bonus: + 20.0 Heavy Damage

Axe of Jarl Hemming, father to Vili. Given to Eivor with profound appreciation.

  • Attack 153
  • Speed 36
  • Stun 184
  • Critical Chance 92
  • Weight 14

How to Locate

Finish the story in Snotinghamscire. Then you will receive a gift from your friend:

Hunbeorht’s Bow (Mythical Light Bow)

  • Atk 137
  • Spd 53
  • Stun 174
  • Crit-Pre 104
  • Hd-Shot 72
  • Wgt 6

Increase Stun when hitting Weak Points.

  • Increase Stun when hitting Weak Points
  • Duration: 5s
  • Boost: 20.0 Stun

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