Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – How to Locate Best Weapons and Abilities

A guide on how to locate best weapons and abilities in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

How to Locate Best Weapons and Abilities

Weapon: Recurve Bow

Find this entrance here:

Ability: Thorn of Slumber

Go to Gryttirsand:

Enter from North East Side

Use ladder to enter the fort.

And then you will find Thorn of Slumber (An arrow marked with the Svefnthorn symbol puts targets to sleep almost instantly).

Weapon: Bone Biter

Find this small island and get Bone Biter axe:

Bone Biter: Increase Stun after a heavy hit (up to 10 times!

Ability: Throwing Axe Fury

Throwing Axe Fury: Hurl throwing axes at all enemies in range.

It is located in Nottfall.

Find the enterance like cave and get it:

Weapon: War Hammer

War Hammer is located in Marauder’s Den.

War Hammer: Increase Heavy Damage after a Heavy Finisher (up to 5 times!)

  • Atk: 49
  • Stun: 74
  • Wgt: 12
  • Spd: 51
  • Crit-Pre: 58

Weapon: Yngling Seax (Fine Dagger)

Yngling Seax: Increase Melee Damage after a Dodge.

  • Atk 30
  • Spd 80
  • Stun 35
  • Crit-Pre 64
  • Wgt 10

It is located in Eikundarsund.

Ability: Rage of Helheim

It is located in Kjotve’s Fortress.

Find mountain and go to hidden tunnel.

It has mega damage.

Rage of Helheim: Enter a fit of rage and slam your enemy to the ground, leaving them helpless in face of a barrage of hits. Alternate quickly between LB and RB taps to avoid losing balance.

Weapon: Iron Star (Fine Flail)

Iron Star: Increase Attack after a Heavy Finisher

It is located in Kjotve’s Fortress.

  • Atk 71
  • Spd 38
  • Stun 70
  • Crit-Pre 47
  • Wgt 12

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