Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – How to Find Ymir’s Tear Stones

A guide on how to find Ymir’s Tear Stones in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

How to Find Ymir’s Tear Stone (Collectibles)

You can find Ymir’s Tear Stone in Heimdall’s Tower (in Asgard). Also, you need to follow “Well-Traveled Reach the Well Urdr” quest to find all Ymir’s Tear Stones.

Strange yet beautiful stones. The legends say they are fragments of Ymir’s frozen tears. It may be I can give them as an offering somewhere.

How to Find Ymir’s Tear Stones (30)

This Ymir’s Tear Stone Can only be Reached after Defeating Fenrir:

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  1. I am trying to get the key where Ymir stone chest is locked but I killed every one there and have returned multiple times only to be disappointed that nothing is there….is my game glitched? Or do I need to wait by proceeded through the Asgard story line?

  2. I’m trying to get to the stone that is only unlocked after defeating Fenrir, I’ve bested the wolf as well as the builder, but I’m still blocked from entering the mountain. Any ideas?

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