Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Best Mythical Axe Locations (Weapons) in Northumbria

This guide shows how to locate the best mythical axes (weapons) in Northumbria (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla).

Best Mythical Axe Locations

Aella’s Bardiche (Mythical Dane Axe)

It can be found in Northumbria:

Please find the Jorvik Theatre

Aella’s Bardiche (Mythical Dane Axe):

A unique axe from continental Europe, this weapon was a gift from Louis the Younger to King Aella of Northumbria.

  • Increase Speed when low Health
  • Health threshold: 50%
  • Bonus: +10 speed

Look at that properties:

  • Attack 142
  • Speed 40
  • Stun 66
  • Critical Chance 83
  • Weight 15

Fyrd Axe (Mythical Bearded Axe)

A rudely wrought weapon used by farmers and woodsmen, this axe bites hard.

Fyrd Axe (Mythical Bearded Axe):

  • Attack 131
  • Speed 48
  • Stun 164
  • Critical Chance 86
  • Weight 8
  • Increase Critical Damage when low Health
  • Health Threshold: 50%
  • Bonus: + 25.0 Critical Damage

It can be found in Forseti’s Rest in Jorvik (Northumbria):

Spinning-Death (Mythical flail)

You can find it in Trade Depot near Forseti’s Rest:

Spinning-Death (Mythical flail)

  • Attack 128
  • Speed 46
  • Stun 156
  • Critical Chance 82
  • Weight 7
  • Heavy Finisher Hits have a chance to drop a Fire Bomb
  • Chance: 40%
  • Cooldown: 15s

A deadly flail with Northumbrian flair, this sleek weapon cuts through the air with nary a whisper.

Sagittarius Bow (Mythical Hunter Bow)

Increase Speed when hitting Weak Points

  • Atk 124
  • Stun 142
  • Hd-Shot 83
  • Spd 39
  • Cri t-Pre 97
  • Wgt 11
  • Increase Speed when hitting Weak Points
  • Duration: 5s
  • Bonus: +10.0 Speed

A composite bow used long ago by the Roman legions stationed along Hadrian’s Wall.

It is located in Multangular Tower (Northumbria: Jorvik):

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