Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – All Boss List with Locations (Builder, Rikiwulf, and More)

This guide will shows all boss list with locations in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

All Boss List with Locations


Honor Bound mission:

Kjotve the Cruel 

A Cruel Destiny mission:


The Seas of Fate Mission:

Creature Bosses

Elk of Bloody Peaks

In Elgrfors:

And get 2 skill points.

Erik Loyalskull

It is located in Kjotve’s Fortress:

Secret Boss: Skull Crusher

His name is Norse Man but when you find the key, he will fight against you as a Secret Boss Skull Crusher.

Epic Boss: Jotnar-Guld

You can find him on this quest:

  • Quest: View Above All
  • Mission: Close the Gate to Jotunheim

Epic Boss: Jotnar-Djevelen

You need to wander on Well-Travelled quest to find him in Asgard.

Creature Boss in Asgard: The Lost Wolf

Kendall Boss: Blood-Brewer

He is in Meldeburne.

Wily and quick. Kendall the Blood Brewer made her name by slitting enough throats to fill vats with blood. She is one of the favorites of the Order, who assign her important targets.


Epic Boss: Builder

Follow instructions in Big Finis quest and then you will encounter with Epic Boss: Builder (Indre Holm).

Secret Goneril Boss

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