Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – How to Transfer SaveFile Safely (Uplay to Steam)

How to transfer safely your Uplay saves onto respective Steam game versions and vice versa for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

How to Transfer SaveFile Uplay to Steam (Safe)?


If you own both Uplay and Steam versions of some Ubisoft games you know that these versions use separate game saves that can’t be synchronized or interchanged by any standard means. I’ve recently discovered there is a way to continue an Uplay save in Steam after all.

The following method of injecting Uplay saves into Steam versions can theoretically work a vast variety of Ubisoft games, as well as for injecting Steam saves into Uplay versions, but as of now only tested on the following games and directions:

  • Assassin’s Creed Unity – Uplay to Steam
  • Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Uplay to Steam
  • Watch_Dogs 2 – Steam to Uplay

You are welcome to test even more games, but make sure to always backup.

Save Transfer

  • Navigate to your Ubisoft Game Launcher installation folder
  • It might look something like “C:\Program Files\Ubisoft Game Launcher”.
  • Proceed to “…\savegame” subfolder

There you should find another subfolder named after your account identifier, and inside it – a number of folders with short number codes:

  1. 945
  2. 1955
  3. 1958
  4. 4502
  5. 4553
  6. 4923
  7. 5092

Each of these folders contains save files for a single game. You need to identify folders for your two versions of the same game. Their names should look similar, for instance:

  • AC Unity Uplay code – 945, Steam code – 944
  • AC Syndicate Uplay code – 1955, Steam code – 1958

Then again, for some codes can be totally different.

  • Watch_Dogs 2 Uplay code – 2688, Steam code – 3619

Make sure you have saves for both versions

You’ll need to launch each version at least once for save files to be uploaded from cloud, or start a new game for save files to be created.

Identify the source save you want to transfer and the target folder

You’ll know which save is which by looking at it’s sizes. My Unity 45% save is rougly 70 KB, and a fresh one is 1 KB.

Back Your Current Savegame Up

Better just copy the whole “…\savegame” folder. I’m not taking any responsibility for FUBARing your saves.

Download and install Free Hex Editor Neo

Copy save files for the target version anywhere. Open the copies in Neo Hex

We’ll refer to these files as targets.

In my case, I take the contents of “…\944” folder and copy them to desktop.

Copy source save files into the target folder. Rewrite all. Open the copies in Neo Hex

We’ll refer to these files as sources.

In my case, I copy all contents of “…\945” folder into “…\944” and agree to overwrite files in the target folder.

Switch to Neo Hex Window

Now, for every respective source and target file copy the following byte sequence in the very beginning of file from target to source:

  • Copy in target
  • Select in source
  • Paste in source and save

And it’s done. Remember that once you launch the game injected save files will replace once in the cloud and could not be restored any longer. So if the replaced save files, the once we refer to as “targets”, are on any value to you, store those somewhere safe.

By ENDr@in

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  1. It is impossible to follow these instructions.
    First, you don’t copy from a target to a source, the source, by definition, is where things come from, and targets are where they go, just thinking of the meanings of the words tells us that. This makes me think you are mixing up instructions.
    Secondly, the images you use as reference do not reflect what my editor shows, so without any further instruction or detail it’s impossible to follow your steps. Mine starts with 24,02 but then I have 2 lines of blank zeroes before numbers start, so do I copy all the zeroes in those first 2 lines, or start from where the numbers are? do I copy one set of numbers(big set on left, small set on right), or both? Also, the numbers you copy are before the words “AC Syndicate” are spelled out in the right side, I have nothing before the “Adod[Manual save05]” in my saves, so what does that mean for me?

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