Ashes 2 – How to Start from Last Save Point

Hi everyone. Today I am gonna mention the newly released Ashes 2 is a post-apocalyptic game. This guide will show “How to Start from Last Save Point”. Before the topic, I want to introduce the game:

About Ashes 2

Ashes 2 is a post-apocalyptic game in the ‘zombie survival’ genre. The protagonist will have to survive, improve the base, manage other survivors, follow the story-line and find out what caused the death of mankind. And of course, try to stop the impending threat of total annihilation.

This is the author’s project was created especially for fans of survival.


● Unique game mechanics.
● Skill panel of protagonist (no Level limit).
● Upgrade of your Shelter (no Level limit).
● Creation and upgrade of weapons (no Level limit).
● Vital indicators (health, thirst, hunger, stamina).
● Quests and story-line.
● Confrontation with Infected.
● Management of other survivors.
● Loot resources.
● Interactivity.
● Day-night cycle, weather.
● English and Russian language.

How to Start from Last Save Point?

Activate the “Second Chance” in Survival Points Panel.

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