As Far As The Eye – How to Heal Character and Become Engineer with Kral

A guide on how to heal character and become engineer with kral in As Far As The Eye.

How to Heal the Character

Healing is very expensive and you should try to avoid needing it as much as possible. The total effort to produce 1 potion is equivalent to roughly 80-100 other resources (and then it takes another turn just to actually drink it), all to restore 20 hp. (And that’s assuming that you already have a Dispensary building; otherwise you have to build one, too.)

There is also a level 5 trait in the wool-gathering trade that lets you passively regenerate 1 hp/turn (but only while gathering wool).

Friendly caravans sometimes offer 6 potions for free.

Get the building for herbs, gather some herbs and then make potions out of them. You can drink potions at the caravan and at the hut as well.

How to Become an Engineer with Kral

You have to build the mobile version of buildings to get engineer experience.

How to Build It?

Pack animals are required to make appendices, which do count as mobile buildings for most purposes, but every other building in the game has both permanent and mobile versions that you can build, and they do not require pack animals.

In the build menu, when you select a building, it will list two different prices for the two versions, and you can click on the one you want. Permanent is listed on top, and is cheaper. The mobile version requires both a larger total amount of resources and more different kinds of resources (although it usually doesn’t take as much wood).

(I don’t remember the details of this particular campaign chapter, I’m just talking general game rules.)

If you own any mobile buildings that aren’t currently deployed, you can select them from a special tab of the build menu using the button at the bottom-left. Unpacking a mobile building doesn’t cost any resources, but takes longer than regular construction. Unpacking a mobile building does grant XP, but each building can only grant XP once per halt (you can’t get more XP by repacking it and unpacking it again during the same halt).

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