Arma Reforger – How to Rebind Mouse

A guide on how to rebind your mouse in Arma Reforger.

How to Rebind Mouse

Fiddling with the Files

Hello there

Lets get into it.

The file that holds the keybinds is


it usually lives in a folder like this, but may differ slightly to yours.

C:\Users\orlok\OneDrive\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\profile

thats the file we need to edit.


Firtsly go into the game. Go to the keymapper where you can assign keys and assign what you want to edit to any key of your choice.

We do this as ONLY changes appear in the file we want to edit. So if we dont change them, we cant edit them.

Ok do that and then close the game and come back.

All done?

Ok open up .chimeraUserInput.conf in a text editor and youll see some lines like

Action GadgetActivate {
InputSource InputSourceSum “{596338A5C44E5693}” {
Sources {
InputSourceValue “{596338A5C44E5751}” {
Input “keyboard:KC_NUMPAD8”

this one is showing we press numpad 8 to activate your gadget.

Now we change the input value to one that represents the mouse.

so this

Input “keyboard:KC_NUMPAD8”

becomes this

Input “mouse:button1”

the values ive found are


experiment and add to taste.

Then save the file and play the game!

Ill tidy this later, im off to play!

By -OrLoK- Слава Україн

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