ARK: Survival Evolved – Guide to Fire – Lightning – Crystal Wyverns and Island

This is a guide to Fire-Lightning-Crystal Wyverns and island in ARK: Survival Evolved.

What are Wyverns?

The wyvern is a dragon-like creature found in the free DLC maps Ragnarok, Valguero, and Crystal Isles, as well as the paid DLC Scorched Earth. There are a total of 7 different wyvern types: Fire, Lightning, Poison, Ice, Tropical Crystal, Ember Crystal, and Blood Crystal. The following sections will describe the characteristics of all 7 wyverns, and how to tame them.

The Fire Wyvern

The fire wyvern is the first thing a new player would think of when they hear the word wyvern. True to their name, they breathe fire. The fire wyvern has large, leathery wings, normally brown or dark orange, while the body is usually brown or black. Fire wyvern eggs look like rocks with veins of lava running through them (see below).

Fire wyvern in Ragnarok ravine (Traditional wyvern habitat)

Fire wyvern egg

The Lightning Wyvern

The lightning wyvern “breathes” large amounts of lightning, which will electrocute the player brave enough to trifle with one. The lightning wyvern has a grey body, with wings that are purple and have white lighting patterns on them.

Lightning wyvern in Scorched Earth

Lightning Wyvern egg

Crystal Wyvern

This guide will include the new Crystal Wyvern, from the DLC Crystal Isles.

By Jerboa_Queen

Ultimate Island Guide

1. Load into an official server make sure the map is The Island

2. When you load in you will see the character creation screen start by changing your skin color as black as possible this is very important after that make sure your character is as short as possible and then make his eyes red

3. Next you will have to choose a spawn location choose south 1 it will explain later

4. When you spawn in craft the basic tools and weapons a bow would be great and start moving north until you hit the swamp

5. Once in the swamp you need to find a Diseased Leech it should look like a normal leech but it will be colored red let it bite you

6. Then you will have swamp fever you must spread it level up in only movement speed, health, and melee damage

7. Run along the beach as a angry black diseased midget and chase people down and punch them until they are knocked out or run off when their diseased

8. if your still following this steps and made it this far you have room to do different things like start a black diseased midget cult and spread it or make a ghillie suit and a crossbow with a grappling hook and live your dream as a black diseased midget ninja also dont forget to screech very loud in your mic whenever you spread it people will love you

9. The end

By German Santa

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