Apex Legends (Steam) – How to Get All Achievements

A guide on how to get all achievements in Apex Legends (Steam).

How to Get All Achievements

If you unlocked these achievements on Origin they will not carry over to Steam so you must unlock them again.


Description: Be the Jumpmaster 5 times

Notes: The Jumpmaster is randomly selected between your three squadmates at the beginning of the match, and this person is responsible for launching and flying to a destination on the map. If you aren’t selected and someone passes the designation to you, this counts toward your five as well. Considering how many matches it takes to reach Level 50, this will easily come along the way.

The Player

Description: Reach player level 50

Notes: You will earn experience for a number of things in each match of Apex Legends. The goal is to survive as long as possible and get as many kills as possible. Along the way, you’ll get a number of bonuses. Also be sure to play with a friend, as you’ll get 5% bonus xp for having someone in your party before you start matchmaking.


Description: Deal 5,000 damage with 8 different Legends

Notes: You will need to do a total of 5k damage with 8 different Legends to unlock this achievement. It is not cumulative between everyone, each Legend must individually do 5k damage. You can check your totals by going to the Legends tab on the main menu, select a character, and go to their Badges tab to see all their stats. This achievement will unlock at the end of the match where you pass 5k with your eighth character.

Team Player

Description: Revive a team mate

Notes: When a teammate dies completely (meaning their loot box drops and their actual body disappears), you can grab a banner off the loot box to carry with you. The banner is only active for 90 seconds, so be sure to grab it rather quickly. From there, scattered around the map, you will find beacons marked as green icons on the map. Take the banner there and hold E to respawn the teammate.

Kill Leader

Description: Become the Kill Leader

Notes: The Kill Leader in any given match is, obviously, the person with the most kills. However, a small caveat is that is does not unlock on the first kill of the match, or even the second. You must have a minimum of three kills to become a Kill Leader. If the current Kill Leader is taken out, a new one will be appointed, so you could get this by default if you have three kills and someone else with four is killed across the map by someone else.

Fully Kitted

Description: Equip a fully kitted weapon

Notes: A ‘fully kitted’ weapon is considered any weapon filled completely with Legendary (yellow) attachments (the weapon itself does not need to be Legendary). Each weapon type has a different number of attachment slots, so using a Pistol for this will be easiest as it only requires two attachments to complete. You could also find a weapon already fully kitted with yellow attachments and get the achievement right away, which is likely how most people will do it.

Decked Out

Description: Equip a legendary Helmet and Body Armor at the same time

Notes: Finding legendary gear, or gear of any specific kind, is all random in Apex Legends. There are some locations that are better than others, and various ways to increase your chances at good loot. For this achievement, you must have a helmet and body armor of Legendary rarity (yellow in colour) at the same time.

Apex Legend

Description: Win a game with 8 different Legends

Notes: You will want to use a Legend (a character with specific abilities) that helps round out a team (comprised of a primary damage dealer, support/healer, and defensive character would be the best), and know where to get the best loot. Once the game starts, cooperation is the most important factor. Stay as close as possible with your squad, share loot, and use the ping function (Scroll wheel) often to call out places to move, good items, and enemies.

Apex Offense

Description: Win a game as an offensive character

Notes: Offensive Legends are marked by the “bullets” icon on their player card. They are Wraith, Bangalore, Mirage, Octane, Revenant and Horizon

Apex Recon

Description: Win a game as a recon character

Notes: Recon Legends are marked by the “radar” icon on their player card. They are Bloodhound, Crypto, and Pathfinder.

Apex Support

Description: Win a game as a support character

Notes: Support Legends are marked by the “cross” icon on their player card. They are Lifeline & Loba

Apex Defense

Description: Win a game as a defensive character.

Notes: Defensive Legends are marked by the “shield” icon on their player card. They are Gibraltar, Caustic, Wattson and Rampart.

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