Apex Legends (Steam) – How to Change Audio Language (Only)

A guide on how to change only the audio language in Apex Legends (Steam).

How to Change Audio Language (Only)

Video Guide

Text Guide

Step 1 – Downloading the additional language files
  • Browse to the game in your library
  • Right click and select properties
  • Go to the language tab
  • Select the language that you want to use for the audio
Step 2 – Preserving the downloaded language files

Now that you have the language file downloaded for which we want to use as our audio we want to move this file elsewhere otherwise when we switch the language option back in Steam it will remove them from the install folder.

  • Move the downloaded general_[languagestring].mstr file to another folder out of the Apex game installation (loacted under audio\ship folder)
  • Go back to the language tab under game properties in Steam
  • Revert the language option back to what you’d like to use for the UI / text
Step 3 – Using the audio language downloaded
  • Move the downloaded language file in step 1 back to the audio/ship folder in the game installation folder
  • Right click the game and click properties
  • In the General tab click Set Launch Options
  • Put in the command +miles_language [languagestring]
    Language string being what’s after the general_ of the audio file itself. For the japanese audio this would just be +miles_language japanese
Going forward

When the game updates in the future it’s possible you’ll get an error launching the game. In which you’ll have to redo all the steps to get the latest language files.

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